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About Me

My name is Eduan Burger, and a very warm welcome to my website. Born in 1984 in Cape Town, South Africa, I am now in my mid-30’s, recently married to my lovely wife Maggie-Mé, and a life enthusiast. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, but can also enjoy a good book or movie, and of course working on my passion of building an income online.

A Little Back Story

Although I have been with 3 or 4 different companies since my early 20s, like most people out there I have basically been slaving away at the daily 0800 – 1700 grind for many years. I have always enjoyed looking for ways to make an additional income online as a part-time hobby, but recently (and probably with the realization that suddenly I’m 36), I have decided to take my dream of making a full-time living working online from home a reality.

The Dream And My ‘WHY’

After getting married in 2019, and with so many things happening in the world since – let’s not forget the very real pressure COVID-19 put on job security of so many people globally – I decided to start turning my passion into a career, one which I believe can lead to spending time on more important things in life like spending time with family and friends, helping others struggling to make and income online, and eventually FINANCIAL FREEDOM while working from home, or anywhere in the world for that matter. I know this is a dream shared by many – and I hope the efforts being put into this site will in some ways assist in making that happen for you as well. Let’s do this!

If you want to start building towards your own FINANCIAL FREEDOM come JOIN ME HERE on the inside and let’s do this together!

GOALS of eduanburger.com

My goals with this website is to assist everyone out there looking for ways to earn an additional income online, be it small or big as affiliate marketer, without having to spend hours jumping between sites that either do not work effectively, do not pay after a while, provide little to no value, and worst of all turn out to be that dreaded word in the online world, a ‘scam’. I can promise that all active income sites and methods suggested on this website will be trusted and paying. I will also try and keep the suggested sites, reviews and the Viral Income Earning Strategy on here as up-to-date as possible due to the ever-changing world of online earnings.

I look forward to meeting, working and getting to know all of you as we grow our earning journeys together.

You can also contact me directly via any of my social media channels, or alternatively on trustedonlineincomes@gmail.com.

All the best,

Happy earnings!

Eduan Burger