Review and Strategy Details and Overview

Website URL:, or just FreeBitcoin, is one of the most popular free earning websites out there and it will also form one of the key parts of our strategy. The site has been paying its members since 2013 and offers lots of great features.

Below I have made a video to run through how the site works, how to get the most out of it, and how it fits into our strategy. Earning Options

The minimum withdraw amount from is 30,000 satoshi, or 0.00030000 BTC.

Ways of Earning on

1:) Claim from the free faucet every hour (win up to $200 in BTC every hour)

2:) Earn daily interest on your balance (minimum balance 0.00030000 BTC)

3:) Buy Fun Token. Play Wheel of Fortune.

4:) Play the Multiply BTC Game (Be very careful)

5:) Betting (You can bet Bitcoin on a variety of things from sports to politics to predicting the future price of cryptocurrencies – If betting is something you enjoy, this might tickle your fancy.)

6:) Daily Lottery and Contests (Earn free lottery tickets by simply using the site and its various earning features listed here – a great free bonus basically and the prizes are HUGE)

7:) Refer people to (See benefits shown below).

8:) Reward points (RP). (See earning strategy)

9:) Golden Ticket (Once or twice a year one lucky user actually wins a Lamborghini Huracan – no jokes!) Earning Strategy

Step 1) Be sure to remain logged into your account and claim from the free faucet every hour as much as possible. Build up your account balance.

Step 2) Deposit your bitcoin earnings from other faucet sites your wallet. There is no minimum deposit amount. As soon as you reach 30,000 satoshi, or 0.00030000 BTC, you start earning 4.08% interest compounded daily on your account balance.

Step 3) If you are able to refer any friends, contacts or random people through advertising to the website, do so – there are great benefits to having referrals and this will quickly boost your bitcoin balance.

Step 4) Start playing Multiply BTC game, betting on events, or buy lottery tickets. This will start increasing the minimum (lowest) amount you will earn with every free faucet roll. This helps a great deal!

NB: Step 5) You can start withdrawing to your own bitcoin wallet as soon as you reach a balance of 30,000 satoshi. We are not going to do this. Instead, I would suggest rather building up your account balance until you reach 130,000 satoshi (or 0.0013 BTC). Once you reach this amount, you will make your first withdraw for the amount of 0.001 BTC from FreeBitcoin and deposit this into the first (and subsequent) passive programs we will be building up. (Hint: our first passive program will be CryptoPros). Our goal is to always keep our account balance above 30,000 satoshi in order to gain interest.

Multiply BTC Explained

Playing the Multiply BTC game is one of the best ways to increase your bitcoin balance on faster, but this needs to be done in a careful and considered manner. The site claims that your chance of winning with every bet is 47.50%.

The Martingale strategy is a very popular technique people use when playing this game. This basically means that every time you lose a bet, you double your next bet and continue doing so until you win again. This ensures that you regain all of your lost bets, as well as make a small profit. From what I have learned, people get this strategy wrong in two ways on by either:

1) Using the ‘Auto Bet’ feature instead of doing manual betting.

2) Playing the game without having enough of a balance and starting with a base bet that is too high.

– I prefer manual betting as this gives you more control over the process. Although it takes some manual clicking work, at least it ensures that you do not lose your entire account earnings when you are just 1 or 2 bets away from doing so. This can happen easily with Auto Bet if you are not actively watching the screen the entire time.

– The lower your balance, the lower your base bet must be. This is the sequence if you continue to double your bets starting with just 1 satoshi (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536, 131 072).

My ‘SAFE’ strategy: Do not start playing this game until you have at least 1,000 satoshi in your balance. Use the martingale strategy, but always start with just a 1 satoshi bet and never exceed 7 losses. In other words: If you hit 64 and lose again – NO NOT CONTINUE. Rather, take the loss and just start over. Yes, it sucks losing some of your balance, but you will make it up again and the rest of your balance is safe. Once your account balance has grown sufficiently (use your own discretion), double your minimum bet to 2 satoshi and knock-out at 128. (I personally try to add between 25-50 satoshi this way between every hour’s free roll). As you can see, doing this consistently will boost your earnings greatly.

NB: If ever you feel you need some help in explaining this technique a little further, please do get in touch with me via any of my social channels, or just drop a comment below.

Reward Points (RP) Explained

You will receive 2 free RP for every free BTC faucet roll you play, 1 point for every roll your referrals play, and 1 point for every 0.00000500 BTC that you wager in the Multiply BTC game.

Tip: Build-up your Reward Points. When you reach 100,000 RP you can either exchange it for 100,000 satoshi, 0.00100000 BTC to cash-out, or if you want to build-up your balance quicker at the start you can exchange it to ‘Boost’ your free hourly roll rewards by between 10% – 1000% for 24-hour periods in any of the following ways.

Free BTC Bonus:

Lottery Tickets Bonus:

Free Reward Points Bonus:

You can even exchange your RP for Electronics (inc Apple; Samsung Galaxy; Fitbit; Kindle products), Hardware Wallets (used to securely store your crypto on a physical USB wallet), or Gift Certificates (Amazon or eGifter).

FUN Tokens

This is a rather new addition to the site. You can now purchase FUN tokens (also a form of cryptocurrency), and these are used as a means of providing a newly introduced Premier Membership. Basically, the more FUN tokens you have and the longer you hold them for, the more benefits you will get with your membership.

The benefits of holding FUN tokens start when you have at least 2,500. You can see in the image below the amount of cashback you can get for holding this number of FUN tokens, and the number of free spins you will get on the Wheel of Fortune (more about this below). When you hold a higher amount of FUN tokens you will also qualify for increased amounts of daily interest. As this feature is still new, I will be testing it our properly as I can foresee it playing a nice role in further boosting our accounts.

Fun Tokens

Wheel of Fortune

This is another new feature that has been added to Free BTC site recently, and I LOVE IT. You need to be subscribed to the email updates to get the entry ticket to claim your free spins.

Wheel of Fortune

I have already won quite a lot on the Wheel of Fortune (including BTC, lottery tickets, rewards points etc). Its definitely worth making sure you do the free spins each day. Simply keep an eye on your emails.


Do not get discouraged if your account balance grows slowly at the start. This will start increasing as we incorporate the next steps of our strategy. Congratulations, you have just started to earn online!

On to the next site!

Trusted Online Earning Site

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Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to share you personal experience with Would love to hear it!

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Top Earning Sites

Awesome, now that our Tools and Wallets are all set-up, let’s begin with the process of building out our online earning portfolios.

Below is the full list of websites we will be using in order to grow our online business. Each of the website links below will lead to its very own review page and ‘How-to’ guide I have set-up. I am also attempting to do a video for each website. This will allow you start using each website in the best possible manner right from the start. Of course there are many, many more earning sites outthere, but I have included those below I feel are trusted and add value to our plan.

The Mission Strategy

The sites below have been laid out in a strategic manner and for a reason. If you attempt to join all of them at once you will get overwhelmed and you will likely not succeed in making full use of the earnings plan. The plan is aimed at making the entire system possible for everyone who do not want to spend any money out-of-pocket. Of course if you are willing to do so, or if you are already joined and have built-up some of the sites below, you can speed along your progress.

Here we go:

1:) TimeBucks. Full review HERE.


Strategy: Get into a daily earnings routine on the site (see strategies in the review). Use the $10 payments to fund other passive income opportunities, withdraw or use for advertising. Build your downlines here and TimeBucks also becomes a passive income opportunity in itself.

2:) Full review HERE.


Strategy: Start gathering your first free satoshis (BTC). You will also be depositing earnings from other faucets and accounts into your account in order to earn interest.

3:) Crypto Browser: Full review HERE.

Crypto Browser

Strategy: All of your Crypto Browser earnings will be withdrawn directly into your wallet. Cash-out and transfer each time you reach the very low minimum of just 1,000 satoshi or 0.00001 BTC.

4:) Cointiply: Full review HERE.


Strategy: Download the mobile app. Claim faucet hourly and watch PTC ads as much as possible. Do not withdraw until you reach 85,000 coins. This allows you to withdraw 50,000 coins ($5 worth of BTC), while maintaining your 35,000 coins balance to immediately start earning interest again. Funds will be used to help fund your Crypto Pros account.

5:) HoneyGain: Full review HERE.


Strategy: Honeygain will provide those who are able to use it with another form of true passive income. Each $20 payment will provide a very nice boost to our earning strategy as a whole. See suggested uses on the inside.

6:) CoinPayU: Full review HERE.


Strategy: Withdraw your BTC earnings to your Faucetpay account. When you have enough in your Faucetpay wallet, withdraw either into your Freebitcoin wallet (for interest), or to your Coinpayments wallet (to fund your Crypto Pros). The second option is to withdraw in Litecoin directly into your Free-Litecoin account. (Remember we want to reach a balance of 0.05 LTC here ASAP in order to start earning interest on our earned LTC as well).

7:) Ojooo: Full review HERE.


Strategy: Download the mobile app. Simply cash-out your BTC each time your reach the minimum payment threshold, either directly into your Freebitcoin wallet (to earn interest), or into your Coinpayments wallet (to assist in funding our passive earning sites).

8:) Crypto Pros: Full review HERE.

Crypto Pros

Strategy: This is our first truly PASSIVE INCOME site and our goal is to MAX OUT ALL 10 LEVELS as soon as possible. See the full details in the review. Following our strategy will see this become possible a lot faster than you think! 🙂

9:) Website Traffic Rewards: Full review HERE.

Website Traffic Rewards

Strategy: We will largely be using Website Traffic Rewards for the advertising and to gradually start building your downlines in any of the sites you have joined thus far — thus gradually speeding up your earnings on those sites. Be sure to see my strategy on how to get yourself a free upgraded account – this provides additional advertising and cash incentives.

10:) LeadsLeap: Full review HERE.

LeadsLeap 468 Banner

Strategy: One of our most important business tools. Start using LeadsLeap as a FREE member and start tracking your advertising results.  Also, start creating ads to promote on LeadsLeap itself. Be sure to view at least the 10 ads daily in order to qualify for the Daily Active Bonus and to start building-up your own advertising credits. Save your on-site earnings and start to promote LeadsLeap to others as well in order to earn some commissions (optional). Wait until you have enough on-site earnings and commissions, and then use that to upgrade your account. LeadsLeap will also be used to create your landing pages, building your lists, and setting up email auto-responder campaigns.

11:) Infinity Traffic Boost: Full review HERE

Infinity Traffic Boost 468 Banner

Strategy: As a free member on ITB, start earning as many daily Surfing Reward Shares as possible. As a free member, you can earn up to 10 shares (surf 100 pages) per day, after that you will only earn advertising credits. Build up your BTC balance, and as soon as you have enough buy the TPO 1 package that will give you 1,000 advertising credits (Ps. You get a nice discount when buying TPO packages directly with your balance). This will mean you can start automating your advertising and surfing less, as well as you can start earning more from any referrals that you might have. Simply keep repeating this process and building up your account through the TPO levels.

12:) Infinity Mailer Boost: Full review HERE

Infinity Mailer Boost

Strategy: Similar to ITB from the same owner. IMB is just a mailer, instead of a traffic exchange. As a free member on IMB, after completing your profile, start earning as many daily Surfing Reward Shares as possible. As a free member, you can earn up to 10 shares (surf 100 pages) per day, after that you will only earn advertising credits. You will earn more from your daily shares here than with ITB.  Build up your BTC balance, and as soon as you have enough internal funds buy the TPO 1 package that will give you 1,000 advertising credits instantly as well as this will boost your commissions from your downlines to 80% (Ps. You get a very nice discount when buying TPO packages directly with your on-site balance – a 17% discount!). This will mean you can start automating your advertising and surfing less (if you want too), as well as you can start earning more from any referrals that you might have.

13:) Ad BTC: Full review HERE

AdBTC banner

Strategy: Option One: Collect the cash. Once you reach the minimum withdraw amount of 1,500 satoshi, withdraw your earnings to either your Express Crypto or Faucetpay wallet. Once you have enough funds pulled together from all PTC’s and faucets, deposit into Crypto Pros ($5 min at a time) in order to buy into higher passive earning positions on Crypto Pros ASAP. If you have already maxed out Crypto Pros — starting diverting these funds to one of our other passive earning opportunities. I would suggest Better Bits Club.

Also simply withdraw all of your Ruble earnings into your Payeer account regularly. Once you have $1 saved up in Payeer, you can start buying $1 shares at Revsuptime.

Option Two: Cash and Advertising. Use the satoshi cash portion withdraw strategy exactly the same as in Option One above. The difference here is that all Ruble earnings will be moved from your main balance to your advertising balance. Use this advertising to promote any of your other crypto earning opportunities. I would suggest always using a lead capture page in order to help build your list (through LeadsLeap), or advertise one of our preferred downline builder sites.

14:) Bet Fury: Full review HERE. (Coming soon)

Betfury Banner

Strategy: Join FREE HERE

15:) Free Litecoin: Full review HERE. (Coming soon)

Free Litecoin

Strategy: Free-Litecoin can be used as both a great earning tool and a temporary online savings wallet. You start earning 8% annual interest on any balance above 0.05 LTC in your wallet (compounded daily). Simply register below and start claiming some free Litecoin under the ‘Home’ faucet section every hour.

Join Free-Litecoin for free HERE

16:) PrizeRebel: Full review HERE.

Strategy: Join FREE HERE

17) WESA: Full review HERE. (Coming soon)

We Share Abundance

Strategy: Join FREE HERE

18:) Hungry 4 Hits: Full review HERE. (Coming soon)

Hungry For Hits Banner

Strategy: Join FREE HERE

19:) Money-Making Ads: Full review HERE. (Coming soon)

Money Making Ads Banner 468

Strategy: Join FREE HERE

20:) Stormgain: Full review HERE. (Coming soon)

StormGain banner


Strategy: Simply register and download the mobile app. Start ‘activating’ the free mining every 4-hours as much as possible. Join FREE HERE

Earnings Sites 21 – 50 (Coming soon!)

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Feel free to drop any questions about the general strategy below, or get in touch on any of our platforms.