CryptoTab Browser Review and Strategy

CryptoTab Browser

What is CryptoTab Browser? Overview

Welcome to my CryptoTab Browser review. CryptoTab Browser allows users to earn some free Bitcoin (BTC), just for making use of their browser while doing any of the daily online activities one normally does in any case. Millions of people around the world are already using CryptoTab Browser. Even when not actively using the browser, simply leave the browser window open as an additional tab while going about your normal business and some BTC passively.

Note: Once you have registered your CryptoTab profile (I just link with my Gmail account), you can download and use the browser on multiple devices at the same time (including PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices). This enables you to generate a higher combined ‘mining speed’ across all devices combined, which means higher earnings and faster payments. This brings me to one of my favorite things about CryptoTab Browser – the very low minimum payment threshold of just 0.00001 BTC, or 1,000 satoshi. I have personally used CrypoTab Browser for months now, and a payment has never been missed!

Below is a brief overview of what the CryptoTab Browser dashboard looks like when idle.

CryptoTab Browser Features

  • A 2-in-1 solution, browse and mine BTC at the same time with ease
  • Sync your browser data on multiple devices (including mobile)
  • Built-in mining algorithm increases your mining speed up to 8 times compared to extension format
  • 10-level referral network system
  • Payouts straight to BTC wallet at any time
  • Low minimum of 0.00001 (1000 satoshi) BTC payout to any bitcoin wallet of your choice
  • Fast payments – usually within 24-48 hours

How Does CryptoTab Browser Work? Is CryptoTab Safe?

These are common questions when people search for reviews of CryptoTab and how its browser works. Below are a few important notes regarding the use of the browser.

Below is from the CryptoTab website itself.

“CryptoTab Browser is designed to use only the unused resources of your computer. This way it can run without interfering with your normal computer usage.”

Can one mine a cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin? To quote from the website below.

“CryptoTab software mines Monero (XMR) and converts Monero to Bitcoin according to current exchange rate. That’s why your balance is displayed in BTC.”

Been ‘mining’ for a few minutes, but your stats are not updating? Quote from the website below.

“At this time we are not able to display real-time data, so the stats are updated several times an hour. Please be patient and wait a while until numbers are updated and you will see your mining results.”

Grow Your CryptoTab Network = More Income

With CryptoTab, you can greatly increase your earnings by growing your own ‘mining network’ that goes up to 10 levels deep! This means that you will get additional income from the mining activity of your friends or contacts, from their friends and downlines etc up to 10 levels. Simply invite new users with your own personal referral link to start growing your network. The CryptoTab team also regularly provides new and stylish promotion materials to use (banners, splash pages etc). Probably the best part, the number of referrals you can have in your network is UNLIMITED on each level. The more ACTIVE users of the browser you have in your mining network, the higher your income will be.CryptoTab Mining Network

CryptoTab Browser Earning Tips

Your CryptoTab mining speed is much higher when the browser window is active. It is thus suggested that you make CryptoTab your default web browser. If this is not preferred, or possible, then simply use CryptoTab for your everyday surfing like visiting your favorite websites, accessing social media, watching movies or YouTube online etc — basically for anything that you do in your own time anyway.

CryptoTab Tips and News

Where To Sign-Up?

CryptoTab Browser has partnered with OrangePie and now basically runs on two systems, dependent on which country you are from will determine the best place to get sign-ups for. Each system, however, can provide you with recurring passive incomes as you grow your active downlines. The OrangePie program has temporarily been frozen to new users at the time of writing this article, but I will keep an eye on it and update this page should it become available to new users again.

Register your FREE CryptoTab Browser account –>> REGISTER HERE

CryptoTab Mobile Options

In addition to CryptoTab Browser for PC/laptop, the company also offers 3 additional options for its mobile users. Important to note: The company states that no actual phone processing power is used while operating any of the app versions.

CryptoTab for Android – The basic mobile version for Android to use in addition to your browser.

CryptoTab for Android (PRO) – This is the upgraded PAID version of the app. One can download it for free to have a look at the various options. Basically, when you choose one of the paid membership options, you can activate the ‘Cloud Boost’ option, which increases your virtual ‘mining rate’ to increase your earnings. You can also purchase packages to active the cloud boost option across various devises under your name.

CryptoTab for iOS – The basic mobile version for iOS to use in addition to your browser.

Crypto Browser Mobile


If you love cryptocurrency like I do, and use browsers to surf the internet (like we all do), then combining these two and building an additional passive income stream is a no-brainer for me.

If you are scared of using too much processing power on your PC while running the browser, simply use the slider at the top of the dashboard to decrease the ‘mining speed’. (I usually run mine at around half-speed while using the PC for work purposes and cannot feel the effects of it at all).

Start earning free Bitcoin and building your next stream of passive income now!

The free BTC you are going to start receiving with Crypto Browser will be one of the foundations to launching our passive earnings strategy!

Once you have registered and downloaded Crypto Browser and have it running, on to the next site!

Feel free to drop any questions about Crypto Browser below, or get in touch on any of our platforms

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