Getting Started

Welcome to the start of your own journey in creating an online earning portfolio for yourself.


Below I will provide a brief overview of how the entire concept and process will work in starting from scratch, and then building towards earning a full-time passive online earning income. We are going to start the process by joining and using free platforms, strategically using these bits of funds, incorporating some advertising, and moving on to more passive sources of income. We will be using many different sources of income in order to diversity any risk, as well as start with free earning platforms to ensure that ANYONE can start with this system without using any out-of-pocket funds.


1:) To only make use of current trusted and paying sites.(Important to note: In the online earning world there are NO GUARANTEES, and websites come and go the whole time.) I will, however, always try and remove non-paying sites ASAP, and replace them with currently active and paying ones of a similar nature.

2:) To provide an easy-to-follow and strategic system that will assist in growing your own online earning portfolio. The key is to join the correct site, know how best to use them, and then to build your downlines in those sites. That is why the Downline Builder is the central focus of this website and strategy.


Our entire strategy will revolve around using FREE to join websites that will allow us to start earning little bits of income here and there. I will provide guidance on each website and how to get the most out of it. This is a slow process to begin with, but with some discipline and guidance on how best to use the funds gathered from them, you will soon start to see the “snowball effect” taking place.

The funds gathered from the initial faucets, PTC and essential sites will be transferred and used to fund other higher earning opportunities. We will also be incorporating websites that offer advertising as a key part in this strategy. This will be used to start building your own downlines in the various earning programs we use by simply promoting the Ultimate Downline System. Getting referrals into these programs, dramatically boosts the rate at which you will earn from each website. As this process starts to unfold, you will soon see your earnings from the various sources gradually start to increase.

When everything starts building and coming together strategically, that is when you will really start to enjoy seeing your portfolio earnings increase. Just stick with the plan and remain disciplined and patient with your earnings routine.

First Steps

The first steps before we get going will be to get all of the essential sites and wallets ready and in place that we will be using throughout our earnings journey. All of these will be free to join and use. You can find all of them within the Ultimate Downline System downline builder. (NB: Remember to immediately update with your own referral links in each of these sites after joining, or if you are already a member).

You can also get to know and set-up all of the best tools and online wallets we will be using during our journey HERE

Note: If you are more experienced and would like to start building your own list – Go ahead and update your LeadsLeap auto-responder code in the “Edit My Details” section of Ultimate Downline System. Every person you then refer to UDS will automatically also be added to your LeadsLeap mailing list :). If you currently do not know anything about ‘list building’, no worries, we will be getting to that later in the strategy.

Once you have everything in place – it is time to head over to the “Phase 1” section of the Ultimate Downline System. Here we go!

Congratulations, you have just started making money online!

Just a Disclaimer: When dealing with online earning sites of any sorts be it PTC (Pay-to-click), faucets, mailers, revenue share, traffic exchange, or any other online earning sites, always be aware that there is always some risk element in any of these sites closing down at any point. The rise of cryptocurrencies have also seen a dramatic increase in the amount of sites coming online in recent years. I am not a financial adviser in any respect, but what I can do is use my years of online experience to mitigate and filter out only the sites which I deem to be trustworthy (although this does not exist 100% for any site) and are from good admins. Thus, our focus will be to diversify across many online earning platforms to reduce our overall risk. As an example: If you are earning from 40-50 different sites and one of them suddenly closes down, you will only be losing a small percentage of your income. Another site can then always easily take its place. If you were only involved in a handful of sites, the impact would be much bigger. I will always try to keep this website, training (and eBook) as up-to-date as possible with only current and paying websites being listed.

Ps. If you would ever like to start your own website, blog or online business. This is the best platform to do so with full training and guidance being provided. Start FREE HERE.

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  1. I am thrilled to see everything up and running. I’m looking forward to earn and learn!

    • Thanks so much, Avril. Please head over to Ultimate Downline System to see it all in action 🙂


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