PrizeRebel Full Review

PrizeRebel Overview

Welcome to my review. In this PrizeRebel review I will give a detailed overview on what the site offers, its different payment options, as well as how to maximize your earnings and build passing income using

Is PrizeRebel a scam? The short answer, no. Is PrizeRebel legit? Of course it is. PrizeRebel has been around and paying its members since 2007. The site has paid out over $22 million already, and continues doing so every single day.

PrizeRebel Getting Started

Step1: Signing-up on PrizeRebel is very easy to do. Simply click HERE — then follow the very easy and fast registration process, or sign-up using your Facebook account.

Step2: Open your email and ‘confirm’ the registration email sent to your. Congratulations, your PrizeRebel account is now active!

Step3: Log into the website and browse through the dashboard to get a feel for the site. Then go to the top-right hand corner — look for the little envelope symbol — and read the welcome email sent by PrizeRebel.

Step4: Look for your name in the top right-hand corner — click on ‘Account Info’ — and complete your profile. This includes your PayPal email (if your choose to get paid via PayPal). It is very important to make sure your enter the correct payment details here.

How To Earn on PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel works on a points system. You collect your points by doing various tasks, then exchange them for any of the many different cash-out options available on the site (there are loads).

You can earn points on PrizeRebel through one of four methods below. All of them can be found under the ‘Earn’ tab.

1:) Surveys –> The core of PrizeRebel’s success is the many survey options it has available to its members. It has survey providers ranging from YourSurveys, PeanutLabs, Toluna, Gold, OpWorld, SaySo and Pro surveys. Be sure to keep your so-called ‘Quality Score’ above 100 (this is achieved by simply being honest when doing surveys), and your will always have many different survey options to choose. The ‘Your Survey Daily Survey’ is always at the top and always available!

2:) Offerwalls –> PrizeRebel has partnered with most of the well-known offerwalls companies out there including PeanutLabs, AdGate, AdGem, OfferToro, Pollfish, ayeT Studios, PointClickTrack, Adscend and RevenueUniverse. These offerwalls allow your earn points by doing many different tasks ranging from additional surveys to downloading apps and games. Some offers are also country dependent, so be sure to check all them regularly and see all the offers that are available to your.

3:) Videos –> This offer is unfortunately rather country dependent. Here in South Africa, I am very limited access to this method of earning, but there are many other countries (including the US and most European countries), where people are earning very nice amounts daily from doing the video tasks — some allow your to earn by simply leaving a tab open with the videos playing on autopilot. That’s pretty cool and an easy way to earn points.

4:) Referrals –> This is my personal favorite option as this allows your start building a passive income through PrizeRebel (see section below: Build Passive Income with PrizeRebel).

PrizeRebel Cashout Options

There are two things that mainly drew me to PrizeRebel as an important additional source of online income. The first is the ability to create a passive source of income, the second is the MANY cash-out options the website offers. There are over 500 different ones to choose from!

Dependent on where in the world your are, some of these might specifically be VERY appealing to your. Nothing better than working towards a specific reward your love getting, right? Under the ‘Rewards’ tab you will see all the available cash-out options. You can arrange and search through all the offers via lowest to highest, highest to lowest or via name or price. There is also a ‘rewards categories’ section on the left, which breaks down the rewards into different categories. Have a look through all of them and choose your favorite — then set this as your ‘Reward Goal’ on PrizeRebel and start working towards achieving it! 🙂

PrizeRebel Promo Codes/Reward Goals

The links to all the PrizeRebel social media pages are within your dashboard. These are well worth a follow as they often share special promo codes to their followers. You can enter these codes within the ‘Promo Codes’ section of the site to earn some FREE POINTS!

Another feature I really enjoy is the fact that your can set your own ‘Reward Goal’ by choosing from the many different rewards options. This will be displayed within your dashboard and allows you to continuously track your progress towards your next payment!

PrizeRebel Browser Extension

PrizeRebel also offers a very handy web browser extension your can access at any time while your are online. This gives your an instant insight into your current amount of points, lifetime points, points earned today, yesterday and so far this month. You can also instantly access available surveys, add promo codes, or go to your PrizeRebel dashboard via the extension — pretty cool.

Build Passive Income with PrizeRebel

Through the years, I have learnt the value and importance of building multiple passive income streams online. This not only allows your to gradually work towards financial freedom, but this also allows your more time to find and build out additional income streams, or simply spend more time on other things, or with loved ones.

The key to building residual and growing passive income with PrizeRebel is two-fold — getting referrals and growing through the account levels.

Getting Referrals: As is the case with most GPT (Get-Paid-To) sites, and for that matter most online earning websites, sharing the opportunity with others and getting referrals is key. PrizeRebel has very nice promotional tools, splash pages and many different banner options (in different sizes), which your can share with family, friends, your blog or website, YouTube, or any of the social media channels or forums in order to get referrals.

Another great feature, which sets PrizeRebel apart from other similar sites, is the fact that your have ‘tracking stats’ available to see how your promotional efforts are going. The screenshot below is from a new account, but it shows your the different features including your daily, weekly and monthly referral earnings. You can search stats for custom dates – which includes a daily overview of the number of clicks, referral sign-ups and earnings that your promotional efforts has delivered for your!

Account Levels: The second part of growing your passive income is by increasing your PrizeRebel account level. The nice part is that this can be done by simply earning more points on the site. When opening a new account, your will immediately start to receive 15% of ANY points earned by your referrals (this is already better than other similar sites out there).

From the Gold status onward, you also start receiving automatic prize processing, which basically means that your can set your preferred cash-out options (out of the many), and as soon your reach it the payment will take place automatically. (Anyone else visualizing and imagining the joy in waking-up in the morning and seeing automatic PayPal payments coming through?)

From Gold status onward, your also start getting the ‘Special Bonus’ — your get allocated additional bonus points to your account at the end of each month as a percentage of your total amount of points earned for that month. A nice little bonus! You also ‘Prize Discounts’ — when your cash-out or trade your points, your will get an instant discount, which offers another little boost towards your next cash-out already!

NB: The ultimate goal is to get your PrizeRebel account to Diamond status. This will give you automatic prize processing, the highest special bonus and prize discount percentages, as well as a whopping 30% commissions on ALL points earned by your referrals. THIS IS WHERE THE REAL RECURRING PASSING INCOME OPPORTUNITY IS!

To explain this in more detail — I have also done a full PrizeRebel review video below. Feel free to give it a watch.


There are many GPT websites out there, and some are very good (Have a look through the website), but what I love about PrizeRebel is the layout, the fact that surveys are always available, the HUGE amount of cash-out options, the referral promotion and tracking options, and the VERY generous commission structures

If your want to add a trustworthy and well worth-it additional online income source, then PrizeRebel is very well recommended. To Join PrizeRebel for FREE simply –>> CLICK HERE

Please feel free to share your experience with PrizeRebel, or just drop me a comment or question below. Would love to hear from your!

Happy earnings.

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