adBTC Review and Strategy

What is adBTC?

adBTC is one of the longest lasting and highest paying crypto (Bitcoin/BTC), and now even cash (Ruble), PTC (Pay-To-Click) and advertising websites out there. I have been paid out numerous times from the website and due to its earnings being relatively high compared to industry standards, this method of earning will fit in nicely within our overall Viral Income Earning Strategy. At the time of writing this post, adBTC had over 112,232 active users.

adBTC Dashboard and Earning Options

adBTC is in essence a PTC site which pays out in either BTC (satoshi) , or in Ruble, per advertisement viewed. I have received ads that pay up to 30 satoshi and 0.3 Ruble per advertisement, which is very high compared to the general industry standard for PTC sites or faucets.

It is worth checking back 2 or 3 times a day as new advertisements get loaded the whole the time. As you will see below, I often get over 100 satoshi per day!

AdBTC Daily Earnings

adBTC offers five (5) ways of watching ads and earning:

– Surf ads (for satoshi/BTC) — regular advertisement surf and view.

– Surf ads (for Rubles) — regular advertisement surf and view.

– Active Window Surfing — advertisement has to be viewed in an active window for it to count.

– Autosurfing

– Shortlinks (only in Ruble)

I have done a full walk through of the adBTC dashboard and earning strategy in the video below. Feel free to give it a watch.

adBTC Withdraw Options and Referral Earnings

Bitcoin (BTC – satoshi) withdraw options: (at the time of posting)

Express Crypto: 1,500 satoshis

Faucetpay: 1,500 satoshis

Direct BTC wallet: 50,000 satoshis

Payeer: 100,000 satoshis

Ruble options:

Payeer: 1 Ruble min

If you require any of these wallets, simply view the tools and wallets page at the top of the website. The stated withdrawal period on all options are three (3) days, but usually it happens much faster.

adBTC advertisers and earners


As with all sites, building your downline in adBTC can also be quite lucrative. There is no surfing, or any other requirements, needed to earn from your referrals daily. You will earn 10% from all of your referral surfing earnings, and 5% from all of your referral advertisement spending.

The only downside to promoting adBTC is that the site itself only provides a referral link, but no banners, email swipes etc. Luckily one can work with screenshot editing, or use free sites like Canva in order to create your own banners — so get creative! 🙂

adBTC also offers what they call a ‘Referral Market’ (screenshot below), where you are able to use earnings to purchase referrals directly into your own downline. This is a nice option for people who want to gradually build their downlines, but also struggle to recruit. Each available referral will have its own cost dependent on how active that person has been on the site historically and the personal earnings they have made.

AdBTC Referral Market

adBTC Advertising Options

adBTC also offers very effective advertising as one is in essence advertising to an audience that has some knowledge of the crypto market and industry, and who are actively looking for new crypto or general online earning opportunities.

As is the case with viewing the advertisements, you also have four (4) advertising options:

– Surf ads (for satoshi/BTC) — regular advertisement surf.

– Surf ads (for Rubles) — regular advertisement surf.

– Active Window Surfing — viewers need to have an active window for it to count.

– Autosurfing

In order to advertise on adBTC you have two options: Either deposit external funds into your account via Payeer, or use the ‘Move from Main Balance’ option and simply transfer your on-site earnings (from your satoshi or Ruble balance) over to your advertising balance.

Viral Income Earning Strategy

So how does adBTC fit into our overall Viral Income Earning Strategy? Well, I would suggest using your earnings on adBTC in one of two ways:

Option One: Collect the cash. Once you reach the minimum withdraw amount of 1,500 satoshi, withdraw your earnings to either your Express Crypto or Faucetpay wallet (whichever you prefer using). Once you have enough funds pulled together from all PTC’s and faucets, deposit into Crypto Pros ($5 min at a time) in order to buy into higher passive earning positions on Crypto Pros ASAP. If you have already maxed out Crypto Pros — starting diverting these funds to one of our other passive earning opportunities. I would suggest Better Bits Club.

Also simply withdraw all of your Ruble earnings into your Payeer account regularly. Once you have $1 saved up in Payeer, you can start buying $1 shares at Revsuptime.

Option Two: Cash and Advertising. Use the satoshi cash portion withdraw strategy exactly the same as in Option One above. The difference here is that all Ruble earnings will be moved from your main balance to your advertising balance. Use this advertising to promote any of your other crypto earning opportunities. I would suggest always using a lead capture page in order to help build your list (through LeadsLeap), or advertise one of our preferred downline builder sites.

To start earning with adBTC for FREE — JOIN HERE

As always, if you would like to share your own experience with adBTC, or have questions/need any guidance in using the site, please get in contact with me at any stage or simply drop a comment below.

Happy earnings,


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