2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review – Start Your Online Business

This is my own 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review that will explain what the platform is, how it works and what it can do for your existing, or soon-to-be online business. Whether you are just starting out online, or are an experienced affiliate, there is always room to start, grow or improve your business.

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to do exactly that AND teaches you step-by-step how to create your very own online income-generating website or blog. The training covers everything from getting a website up-and-running in just a few minutes (yes, in just a few minutes), to teaching you exactly how to build and generate an income from it through various means (think affiliate marketing, Google Adsense etc). Wealthy Affiliate also provides you with all the best live and recorded training, insider expert tips, large-scale community assistance and any guidance you might need.

Wealthy Affiliate Company Background & Info

Wealthy Affiliate is a truly all-inclusive platform that allows you to create, grow and manage your online business of any sort, and on any level. This ranges from being a complete beginner (like I was myself) to a more seasoned affiliate marketer.

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

The owners, Kyle and Carson, started the business back in 2005 and it has been running and growing year-on-year ever since. It has now grown into a membership of over 1.4 million people who love and continue to use the platform daily. They also employ a full-time staff of over 25 very experienced individuals.

Reading some inspiring success stories in the site will show you how truly life changing this platform has been for many people over the years. Members are now making great part-time, or even full-time monthly incomes from their website (or multiple websites). Many have also been able to leave their day jobs in order to follow their passions through this platform, while there are also users who are now even generating MASSIVE six-to-seven figure incomes.

Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

Here are just a view of the many, many Wealthy Affiliate success stories from the website:

I Never Really Expected To Build A Million Dollar Company — https://bit.ly/3hxr9rm

I’m now a 4 figure earner! — https://bit.ly/2MrjrDR

A Very Humbling $12,803.26 Month – August Progress Report — https://bit.ly/2X3ELBf

Yay! My Sale S$9,465.22 Yesterday – Google Adwords Campaign Success! — https://bit.ly/2KRi6FX

Create Your Own Website – For ANY Niche

One of the best feelings I got when deciding to look into Wealthy Affiliate is when I realized just how it allows ANYONE, to create ANY website they like, and in doing so turning your own passion or niche of choice – whatever it may be – into a way to generate an online income. Yes, you can create a business and make a living by actually working on and doing what you love and enjoy daily!

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All-in-One Website Tools and Hosting

The number of features included within the all-inclusive WA membership is extensive. This is one of the aspects I enjoy most about WA. There is no need for any further 3rd party services. Your websites will be running fast and secure!

Just some of the great tools and features included in your membership:

– Full training (Step-by-Step Guidance and Tutorials. Live webinars. 1000’s of videos)

– Full support by staff 24/7 and owners themselves (always accessible)

– Website Builder

– WordPress Hosting

– Great research tools (Jaaxy keyword finder, SOE optimization etc)

– Success Stories (There are many and they are inspiring)

– Many, many more features..

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Info and Pricing

WA basically offers three types of memberships namely the Starter (FREE), Premium and Premium Plus. Some of the key membership differences are listed below.

– Price: Starter member (Free)

Some features include free website and hosting. You can have a new website up and running in just a few minutes – yes, minutes. The free level one training is great and is well worth it on its own. This training alone taught me a lot more than I ever knew before. There is also full access to the community during the free/or trial period as well. If you see the value in the platform and do decide to upgrade within 7 days, you can get your first month’s premium membership discounted for just $19. There will be a countdown timer at the top of your profile page – so no risk of forgetting about this offer.

– Price: Premium membership ($49/month or $495/year)

All features and in-debt training across the entire site is now included. This allows you to build you own niche and unique website that can generate you a great residual monthly income. Oh, did I mention as a premium member you can have up to 10 unique and different websites in any field, or topic, you enjoy – each website potentially generating their own online incomes!

– Price: Premium Plus membership ($99/month or $995/year)

The new Premium Plus membership launched near the end of 2020. It is basically the Premium membership just BOOSTED! Some of the key additional benefits are the ability to host up to 50 websites ($250/month value). Over 200+ Expert Classes Per Year – these are live classes from the top experts in all the online money-making fields. This is actually priceless on its own. It also includes full Jaaxy Enterprise ($99/month value) membership – this in itself actually covers your membership cost.

Ps: You can also keep an eye out for the awesome annual Black Friday specials!

Wealthy Affiliate Memberships

Great Wealthy Affiliate Community

Wealthy Affiliate is by far the largest affiliate marketing online community in the world, and even more importantly, the most caring. There is always someone willing to quickly assist you with any questions or problems you might have regarding any aspects of your website. As I mentioned earlier, the general support and the owners themselves are also always accessible – which I found to be very reassuring.

Should you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate through any of my links, I will also always be on-hand and available to assist you as far as possible. You will have direct access to me within the platform! Of course, you can always contact me any time here on my website, through email, or any of my social media channels.

Awesome Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program!

Apart from the excellent training on how to build, promote and generate a great income for your business, the platform’s affiliate program (optional) in itself is VERY lucrative. The best part – they also give you in-dept training on how to do this within their extensive additional Wealthy Affiliate ‘bootcamp’ training section.

The figures below are for EVERY person referred (who upgrades through Monthly or Annual membership). Wealthy Affiliate pays out nearly 50% commissions, an industry leader in this regard, and this quickly leads to recurring passive monthly income!

Premium Member: Premium Plus Member:

$23.50 Monthly recurring $46.50 Monthly recurring

$235 Yearly Recurring $465 Yearly Recurring

Wealthy Affiliate Commissions

You can do the math regarding the potential on this. Many people are making awesome monthly incomes from just this affiliate side of the platform alone. This is even without the main incomes being generated by their affiliate websites. The best part, and this is very rare among similar programs, as can be seen in the image above, even Starter members can earn by referring people to Wealthy Affiliate. You will be earning half when compared to PREMIUM members, but this allows many people to follow the strategy of first generating commissions, which then allows them to upgrade their accounts without having to incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

As a premium member, basically two upgraded referrals will already cover your own monthly membership cost. The rest is pure commissions straight into your PayPal account.

Annual Trip to Vegas Sound Good?

Did I mention? Obtain your annual target number of 300 affiliates for a calendar year and you are invited to the annual Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference – all expenses paid (which includes flights, accommodation, spending money etc!) This also allows you to rub shoulders with some of the best and highest earning affiliate marketers from around the world. I am personally working to achieve this in either 2021 or 2022.

To watch my full 2021 Wealthy Affiliate Review – please feel free to check out my YouTube video below.

You can also view a full Wealthy Affiliate walk-through by co-owner Kyle here ▶ https://bit.ly/3pDXUpD

Conclusion + Special BONUS

If you have ever thought about having your own income-generating website, or hopefully considering it now, and want to learn exactly how to make money from it in the best possibly way, then Wealthy Affiliate is simply the best place to be.


First step: I will suggest signing-up for FREE (No credit card details required). Then upload a profile picture, add a short bio to your profile and set some goals for yourself. This will just introduce you to the Wealthy Affiliate community and allow you to get a good feel for the platform.

Second step: Start with the free training and get your first website up and running! This is a great feeling! You will then be able to properly determine if this platform is the right fit for you. I am sure you will be as impressed as I was when first starting out 🙂

It is important to note that getting your website/websites established with good search engine rankings does take some time. You will thus need to remain focused on your goals for the long-run. This is where the WA community is also a great help! If you follow the training and do this, your success will be just around the corner — and can last a lifetime!

They will also be providing you with an offer to get your first month of Premium for just $19, should you decide to upgrade within 7 days after joining. This is 100% optional and is only for those members who immediately want access to the full training and want to unlock all the premium member features, as well as the boosted commissions.

If you do decide to join and try out Wealthy Affiliate as my referral, you will also be provided with an additional ‘Thank You’ bonus from me.

How to Claim Your Bonus…

When you join with your FREE Starter Account, I will offer you a bonus if you decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first seven days (including the awesome 59% discount). When you create your Wealthy Affiliate account, I will personally contact you on your profile with a welcome message. This will include some more information about WA, how to always get help from me directly, and how to claim your bonus. Trust me, this is great stuff and will assist you in boosting your traffic and commissions even faster.

If you have ANY questions about Wealthy Affiliate, or what is included in the platform, please feel free to drop your questions below. You can also send me an email, and I will be happy to help you out.

Here is to starting your own online website/blog/business!

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