My Timebucks Strategy โ€“ Daily Earning Routine


I have had several email subscribers asking for more details on how exactly I use Timebucks to get the most out of it on a daily basis, so here is my personal simple strategy:

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My Daily Timebucks Earning Routine

Links below should take you to the correct pages to complete the tasks I have mentioned!

I always start by completing the Daily Poll which you will find under the Surveys Tab. Everyone can complete this simple 1 question task regardless of where they live.

Next I complete a Slideshow which is under the contents tab. Doing this next means I can move on to the ad clicks task while waiting for the timer on the slideshows to finish. I complete another slideshow after the ad clicks are done.

After that I move on to the tasks tab and look for the hourly FreeBitcoin task. You need to have an account on the FreeBitcoin website to complete this, but you can do this task and get paid a little extra for your BTC claims every hour (save this task as one of your ‘favorites’ – then it will automatically show up at the top again every hour).

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While on the tasks tab, I will look for other easy tasks to complete. Things like visit a website or follow a social media account. I have seen, for example, that you can get paid $1 for following someone on Instagram. I will also keep an eye out for higher paying tasks that are worth spending a little more time on.

Next on my list is the paid searches option โ€“ I try to do those every 30 mins or so or at least each time I am doing the free BTC roll and task for FreeBitcoin site. After the first paid search I then complete the bonus code on the videos task (if there are any).

I do those earning tasks every day on Timebucks. On some days I will also spend a little time on the surveys or offers tasks โ€“ I usually give myself a time limit (around 1hr max) for working on those, because they can be quite time-consuming for little return at time.

The Daily Checklist Bonus

This is one of the most important features and ways of ensuring to receive regular weekly payments. Whatever your preferred daily routine includes, be sure to complete this checklist EVERY DAY.

Timebucks Daily Checklist
Not only do you get a nice additional daily cash bonus + additional sweepstakes entries, if you achieve this 6 days in a row, you get a Premium Membership for the next 7 days for FREE! You can see below, this means 25% EXTRA earnings for every single task you do on Timebucks!

Timebucks Premium Membership

A Few Tips to get the daily checklist done:

NB: You only need to complete 5 out of the 6 tasks listed.

– Do at least 3 slideshows daily (very easy)

– Attempt 6 task (doing the hourly Freebitcoin roll task covers this. Just be sure to get at least 6 done in a day – again, easy!)

– Activate the Push Clicks feature HERE and be sure to watch at least 3 of them daily. You get paid for all of them you watch every 24-hours.

– Download the Timebucks software for FREE and run it for a small time each day. This puts no strain on your PC/laptop, runs completely in the background and you get additional sweepstakes entries for the weekly lottery drawing. The longer it runs, the more you get. (Additional tip – once running, just check back and refresh the daily checklist page – this task usually shows as complete in much less than 60min)

– That covers 4 of the 5 items required and are relatively easy to complete. For the 5th task decide between completing any 3 surveys (from any provider) under the Surveys tab, or complete ANY offer from any of the offerwall providers (there are many to choose from). Additional tip: Once you have eventually done most of the very easy tasks like simply downloading a game or app (just do 1 a day to keep more easy tasks for following days), what I then do is go to the AyeTStudios offerwall and attempt a Theoremreach survey on there – guess what, even if you get disqualified you get at least 1 cent and that counts as the daily offerwall task complete! ๐Ÿ™‚

Use Timebucks Income as LEVERAGE!

Lastly, and the most important part of my strategy is to use the earnings I get from Timebucks to create daily passive income. This way it doesnโ€™t matter if I am only earning a small amount on Timebucks each day. By building passive income my earnings are consistently increasing without it taking ANY extra time at all.

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The main thing about working online in my opinion is that you should ALWAYS be aiming to work less and earn moreโ€ฆ.. donโ€™t get stuck on time consuming tasks when you can be doing quick and easy things and get paid MORE!

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Complete TimeBucks Review + Strategy


TimeBucks Description

TimeBucks is an advertising and rewards site where you earn real cash or crypto for performing various daily tasks and activities. TimeBucks is owned by the Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, based in Australia. The site has been online for many, many years and has never missed a single payment to its users.

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The TimeBucks Strategy

TimeBucks payments can used in one of three ways in our Viral Income Earning Strategy.

1:) It can form a solid part in funding our other passive earning websites (suggested).

2:) Weekly payments can be used for any personal use.

3:) You also have the option of having your payment balance transferred to your on-site advertising balance. You then also get a 10% boost to the value. TimeBucks is a VERY effective advertising platform.

Below I have added a brief overview video showing and explaining the TimeBucks platform in a little more detail – I will also be adding an additional TimesBucks earning methods and ‘how to’ series of videos to my YouTube channel soon.

Many Ways To Earn

Probably the best aspect of TimeBucks is the many and varied ways in which you can earn from the site as a user. Some of these earning methods include:

– Surveys

– PTC (pay-to-click)

– Watching/Uploading YouTube videos

– Daily poll

– Slideshows

– Engaged Hits

– Sharing links/news articles

– Push clicks

– Captchas

– Posting on TikTok

– Download and play mobile apps.

– and MANY more

Sweepstakes – Every Friday TimeBucks also has a random draw, which sees $500 in cash prizes going to 30 members randomly, every single week. Top prize get you $250 instantly. You get 100 sweepstakes entries daily just by logging in, and then more for being active and for every task that you complete. You can also download their unique ‘TimeBucks Software’ which runs on your PC in the background (non-intrusive), which also gives you an additional 100 sweepstakes entries for every 10 min that it runs in the background. This boosts your chances and builds-up to a lot of free ‘lottery tickets’ if you will every week.

Another great earning method is through affiliate commissions – you earn 15% of all your referral earning. FOR LIFE. Once you start earning with TimeBucks, you can show this to your friends, family or advertise the site anywhere online to attract other users. You can do this with confidence as TimeBucks is 100% safe, never misses a payment, and offers many ways to earn. Building your TimeBucks downline can be VERY rewarding, and you will see those weekly payments start rolling in one after the other. In fact, this in itself is also nice form of passive income as there is no requirement to be active yourself in order to earn from your referrals (although activity is always recommended).

Earning Tips & Tricks

Get into a daily routine of doing some tasks will boost your earning, and it will only take a few minutes of your time. My suggestion to start off with is: Do the daily poll, all the PTC ads, watch available videos, do a few slideshows + activate the push clicks option. Also, try to attempt at least 1 or 2 surveys (Theorem Reach, Tap Research and Peanut Labs are usually the best – and pays you a portion even if you are screened out).

Tip: Activating the Engaged Hits option is awesome. Just follow all the instructions on how to get this set-up on your desktop or laptop. You will basically be paid for watching YouTube videos on auto-pilot (even while you sleep). This is basically FREE money! You can also choose to build-up advertising credits instead and promote your own videos if you have a channel.

Tip: Download the TimeBucks mobile app. They created this specifically to be able to access Tap Research surveys. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the best and highest paying providers. Plus, you can do surveys on the go!

Tip: On your TimeBucks dashboard you can view which tasks other people from your country have recently completed – thus finding the best survey and offer wall provider options that will suit and pay you the highest where you are! ๐Ÿ™‚

TimeBucks Premium

TimeBucks recently added a ‘Premium’ membership option. The cost is $4.95 and lasts for 7 days. This will see you earn an extra 25% on all tasks you directly complete yourself (for every $1 in tasks done you get $1.25). If you are planning on being very active this can be a nice boost to earning. Note: Do not pay for this out-of-pocket is you are not earning enough from tasks that week to make this upgrade worthwhile.

Introducing the new TimeBucks Daily Goal Checklist. This is a new feature that allows you to earn cash bonuses daily, as well as receiving a FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP if you reach your goal for 6 days in a row. This will great increase your overall earning! (Note: The earning below are for my country, I know in other countries the rewards are even higher!)

TimeBucks Daily Goal Checklist

Payment Methods

TimeBucks payments are done weekly and the site has never missed a payment to its users. The minimum withdrawal is $10 to any of the payment methods below. You will update your preferred payment method within your profile settings, and these payments will be sent out automatically each and every week once you reach the minimum balance required of $10.

– Payeer

– AirTM (can be used to send to PayPal)

– Bitcoin

Click HERE if you still need to set up an account with any of these payment methods.

You also have the options of ‘Holding Your Payment’ if you want to build-up you balance before withdrawing, or you can change you balance over to TimeBucks advertising and receive an additional 10% bonus added to your balance. Did I mention that TimeBucks is also a great place to advertise any of you other online earning opportunities, such as online earning websites, your YouTube channel, social media pages, or affiliate products and more. The advertising quality is good as you are promoting to real and like-minded people who are also looking for ways to make money online.

Conclusion + Rating

If you are new to earning money online, or have simply not come across it before, TimeBucks is a must-add to you online earning portfolio ๐Ÿ™‚

Trusted Online Earning Site


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Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to share you personal experience with the site. Would love to hear it!

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