adBTC Review and Strategy

What is adBTC?

adBTC is one of the longest lasting and highest paying crypto (Bitcoin/BTC), and now even cash (Ruble), PTC (Pay-To-Click) and advertising websites out there. I have been paid out numerous times from the website and due to its earnings being relatively high compared to industry standards, this method of earning will fit in nicely within our overall Viral Income Earning Strategy. At the time of writing this post, adBTC had over 112,232 active users.

adBTC Dashboard and Earning Options

adBTC is in essence a PTC site which pays out in either BTC (satoshi) , or in Ruble, per advertisement viewed. I have received ads that pay up to 30 satoshi and 0.3 Ruble per advertisement, which is very high compared to the general industry standard for PTC sites or faucets.

It is worth checking back 2 or 3 times a day as new advertisements get loaded the whole the time. As you will see below, I often get over 100 satoshi per day!

AdBTC Daily Earnings

adBTC offers five (5) ways of watching ads and earning:

– Surf ads (for satoshi/BTC) — regular advertisement surf and view.

– Surf ads (for Rubles) — regular advertisement surf and view.

– Active Window Surfing — advertisement has to be viewed in an active window for it to count.

– Autosurfing

– Shortlinks (only in Ruble)

I have done a full walk through of the adBTC dashboard and earning strategy in the video below. Feel free to give it a watch.

adBTC Withdraw Options and Referral Earnings

Bitcoin (BTC – satoshi) withdraw options: (at the time of posting)

Express Crypto: 1,500 satoshis

Faucetpay: 1,500 satoshis

Direct BTC wallet: 50,000 satoshis

Payeer: 100,000 satoshis

Ruble options:

Payeer: 1 Ruble min

If you require any of these wallets, simply view the tools and wallets page at the top of the website. The stated withdrawal period on all options are three (3) days, but usually it happens much faster.

adBTC advertisers and earners


As with all sites, building your downline in adBTC can also be quite lucrative. There is no surfing, or any other requirements, needed to earn from your referrals daily. You will earn 10% from all of your referral surfing earnings, and 5% from all of your referral advertisement spending.

The only downside to promoting adBTC is that the site itself only provides a referral link, but no banners, email swipes etc. Luckily one can work with screenshot editing, or use free sites like Canva in order to create your own banners — so get creative! 🙂

adBTC also offers what they call a ‘Referral Market’ (screenshot below), where you are able to use earnings to purchase referrals directly into your own downline. This is a nice option for people who want to gradually build their downlines, but also struggle to recruit. Each available referral will have its own cost dependent on how active that person has been on the site historically and the personal earnings they have made.

AdBTC Referral Market

adBTC Advertising Options

adBTC also offers very effective advertising as one is in essence advertising to an audience that has some knowledge of the crypto market and industry, and who are actively looking for new crypto or general online earning opportunities.

As is the case with viewing the advertisements, you also have four (4) advertising options:

– Surf ads (for satoshi/BTC) — regular advertisement surf.

– Surf ads (for Rubles) — regular advertisement surf.

– Active Window Surfing — viewers need to have an active window for it to count.

– Autosurfing

In order to advertise on adBTC you have two options: Either deposit external funds into your account via Payeer, or use the ‘Move from Main Balance’ option and simply transfer your on-site earnings (from your satoshi or Ruble balance) over to your advertising balance.

Viral Income Earning Strategy

So how does adBTC fit into our overall Viral Income Earning Strategy? Well, I would suggest using your earnings on adBTC in one of two ways:

Option One: Collect the cash. Once you reach the minimum withdraw amount of 1,500 satoshi, withdraw your earnings to either your Express Crypto or Faucetpay wallet (whichever you prefer using). Once you have enough funds pulled together from all PTC’s and faucets, deposit into Crypto Pros ($5 min at a time) in order to buy into higher passive earning positions on Crypto Pros ASAP. If you have already maxed out Crypto Pros — starting diverting these funds to one of our other passive earning opportunities. I would suggest Better Bits Club.

Also simply withdraw all of your Ruble earnings into your Payeer account regularly. Once you have $1 saved up in Payeer, you can start buying $1 shares at Revsuptime.

Option Two: Cash and Advertising. Use the satoshi cash portion withdraw strategy exactly the same as in Option One above. The difference here is that all Ruble earnings will be moved from your main balance to your advertising balance. Use this advertising to promote any of your other crypto earning opportunities. I would suggest always using a lead capture page in order to help build your list (through LeadsLeap), or advertise one of our preferred downline builder sites.

To start earning with adBTC for FREE — JOIN HERE

As always, if you would like to share your own experience with adBTC, or have questions/need any guidance in using the site, please get in contact with me at any stage or simply drop a comment below.

Happy earnings,


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Infinity Traffic Boost Review and Strategy

Infinity Traffic Boost Overview

Welcome to my Infinity Traffic Boost (ITB) review and strategy.

ITB is owned by Frank Bauer, a well-known and trusted admin in the online earning space. The site itself has successfully been online and running for years and has a very active user base of over 16,000 like-minded people. ITB has some unique features, a very exciting compensation plan and offers a lot of great value to its users. The site shows no sign of slowing down and I feel that it will be around for many years to come. It has already paid out over 37.15 BTC in total to its users.

ITB is a free to use Traffic Exchange which allows participants to gain effective advertising and exposure for their business or opportunities, while at the same time rewarding users with cryptocurrency (BTC) for being an active member of the site.

How Does Infinity Traffic Boost Work?

I recall when I first came across Infinity Traffic Boost and logged into the dashboard it took me a while to get use to the layout and all the different site features. The dashboard has a rather unique layout, but becomes very practical and easy to navigate once you understand it.

I have done a walk-through video below to explain all the different ITB features and benefits.

How To Earn With Infinity Traffic Boost?

The ITB compensation plan is something truly unique and VERY POWERFUL if used effectively. You can earn

from Infinity Traffic Boost in 2 ways – either through surfing, or by referring others to ITB. Both options are explained below.

1:) Earn BTC through surfing:

Earn so-called ‘Surfing Reward Shares’ by simply viewing the advertisements placed by other members. You will earn one (1) share for every 10 pages surfed (surf up to 100 pages and earn 10 shares daily as a free member, and earn even more when you have an active TPO (traffic package)). The amount of satoshi you earn per share depends on the total size of the day’s ‘Surfers Reward Pool’, as well as the current price of Bitcoin. Your earnings for the previous day’s surfing will automatically be added to your BTC balance the next day.

Surfing Reward Shares

Oh, did I mention? Apart from earning some crypto for each share, you also earn some free advertising credits to use with every advertisement watched. Use these credits to advertise any of your other online earning sites to a like-minded audience looking for opportunities 🙂

2:) Earn by Referring Members to ITB

ITB sells advertising in the form of 11 Traffic Package Options (TPOs) and you can earn 30-80% commissions by referring people to ITB who purchase these advertising services. (Surfers earn 30% and Advertisers earn 30-80%).

Most people seeking to promote their opportunities will eventually look for two things: EFFECTIVE advertising and AUTOMATED advertising – ITB offers both of these through its advertising packages. The ITB user base is active, understands the online earning world and is seeking opportunities within it, thus the site offers VERY effective advertising. One is also encouraged to have an ‘active’ focused window while surfing, which means surfers are forced to pay attention to what is being displayed. Secondly, buying a TPO package gives you additional benefits, but also instant advertising credits to use (in other words this is perfect for people who do not enjoy surfing). Both of these aspects mean that when you refer others to ITB, chances are good that they will eventually start buying TPOs (if not immediately), and this will see you earning some additional Bitcoin commissions yourself!

Another unique ITB advertising perk: Add 10 free Banners (5 125×125 + 5 466×60), as well as 5 free Text ads to all of your advertising. They will be shown completely for free, and it will ONLY cost you some advertising credits if someone actually clicks on your ad and views it. That’s a pretty cool feature as no advertising gets wasted.

TPO Package Benefits

TPO Package Levels and Cost

ITB Payment and cashout options include:

– Bitcoin (BTC)

– Litecoin (LTC)

– Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

– Ethereum (ETH)

– Payeer


– Uphold

The minimum cashout (instantly) amount is set at BTC 0.0016. Funds withdrawn via GIZMOH, Uphold or Payeer will be manually processed within 1-2 business days.

Viral Income Earning Strategy

Infinity Traffic Boost fits in perfectly with the concept of our Viral Income Earning Strategy as it serves a dual-purpose – it provides quality advertising to build your downlines, as well as rewards you in cryptocurrency for your efforts. The perfect combination.

The strategy recommendation: As a free member on ITB, after completing your profile, start earning as many daily Surfing Reward Shares as possible. As a free member, you can earn up to 10 shares (surf 100 pages) per day, after that you will only earn advertising credits. Build up your BTC balance, and as soon as you have enough buy the TPO 1 package that will give you 1,000 advertising credits (Ps. You get a very nice discount when buying TPO packages directly with your on-site balance). This will mean you can start automating your advertising and surfing less (if you want too), as well as you can start earning more from any referrals that you might have. Simply keep repeating this process and building up your account through the TPO levels!

Join Infinity Traffic Boost for free –>> JOIN HERE

Feel free to get in touch with me directly if you need any help in getting the most out of your Infinity Traffic Boost account.

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LeadsLeap Review and Strategy



Today, I want to introduce everyone to one of the most important tools in our entire strategy, LeadsLeap!

LeadsLeap will not only become one of your most important tools in terms of tracking all of your advertising results (to track where everyone are getting the best advertising results and your referrals are coming from), but it can also be used to build your own list, set-up an email series, and also become a great source of income in itself as well. Oh, and did I mention that the advertising on LeadsLeap itself is one of the most effective out there. Why, because people using LeadsLeap are like-minded online entrepreneurs looking for online earning opportunities.

So, what is LeadsLeap? How does LeadsLeap work? If you are serious about your online business you might have been missing out on this hidden gem of a website. I trust and hope that this site, and all its features, will bring everyone as much success as it has for me over the years. Here is my summary review.

Background and Site Info

LeadsLeap was started back in 2008 by Kenneth Koh. Kenneth has to be one of the greatest site admins out there as he always remains very active, communicates regularly with his members, and also keeps on improving the site and introducing new and great features regularly. You can tell that he actually cares about wanting everyone to achieve success online. The site consistently introduces improvements and upgrades to its great range of existing tools and features, and basically never increases the cost of its upgraded membership (more on this below). The best part, most of its great tools can be used absolutely for FREE!

LeadsLeap already has over 119K members (incredible), is packed full of awesome features and provides one of the best advertising sources out there.

How Does LeadsLeap Work

LeadsLeap has a ton of great features. When first logging-in, everyone might find the dashboard a bit overwhelming and a lot to take in, but rest assured everyone will quickly get to understand all the features. At the heart of the website is the ability to advertise your own website, or any other earning opportunities, to thousands of other like-minded people. In turn, everyone will earn advertising credits by viewing the websites of other members and rating them (another great feature). These credits can also be converted into cash if everyone prefer.

I have done a video walk-through below to briefly explain the LeadsLeap dashboard in full.

LeadsLeap Membership Options

What sets LeadsLeap apart is that it truly offers great value to both Free and Upgraded members. With the credits earned through surfing other advertisements everyone can post your own ‘Credit Ads’ – this can be for your own website, or any other money-making opportunities everyone want to promote. You can also add as many sites as everyone wish, and this is the case for both free and upgraded members.

LeadsLeap offers incredible value and tools to its Free members. Just some features include:

– The ability to use all the basic advertising and earnings features (see below).

– Track all of your referral links through the ‘Track Links’ tool

– Create landing pages and set-up welcome emails (build your list). Although as a Free member everyone can’t set-up a full autoresponder email series, everyone are able to send everyone in your list a number of direct ‘Broadcast’ messages via their emails.

– Create Opt-in forms and cookie generators.

– Create advertising Rotators and Ad Bars

– Ad additional Social Reviews about your best websites (this can lead to more referrals)

Some advantages of being upgraded:

– Post 10 Pro Ads free (That’s right – everyone can post 10 ads that get advertised 24/7 on the site for FREE. The amount of traffic your website, or any other money-making opportunities, can get through this is awesome).

– Higher affiliate commissions.

– Earn double from the ‘Daily Active Bonus’ (see below)

– You get additional features when using the Link Tracker.

– The ability to set-up a full email autoresponder series for every list.

– Free spillover followers. The referral system on LeadsLeap goes 10-levels deep. Upgraded members earn free spillover followers when people join the site without uplines, or their uplines disappear, and everyone then earn free credits whenever they surf/view any advertisements. These credits can be used for more advertising for everyone, or get encashed (see Ways to Earn below).

– The ability to message all of your referrals (including spillover referrals) directly – 10 levels deep. That is an incredible way to further ‘build your list’ for free.

– Free Image and PDF hosting on-site. (For example: This is exactly where my own eBook is being stored and where people can download it directly from)

– Some great NEW features include ‘Blog to Broadcast’ and ‘YouTube to Broadcast’ – This basically means that everyone in any of your email lists can automatically be notified whenever everyone post a new blog/website post, or upload a new YouTube video. Pretty cool, right 🙂

– Monthly upgrade cost is $27.

(Tip: If this option interests everyone – look out for the great OTO (one-time) offer when signing-up. The ability to lock-in an upgraded membership of just $19.99 a month is then offered – this is great value. The owner also tends to offer this once or twice a year on special holidays or Black Friday type events.)

Different Ways To Earn on LeadsLeap

There are four (4) main ways to earn an income with LeadsLeap itself. The minimum cash-out amount is just $10 and is always paid on time.

1:) Daily Active Bonus – View at least 10 ads daily to earn daily. (Usually a few cents. Upgraded members earn double). This adds up nicely over time, plus generates more advertising credits for yourself to use.

2:) Credit Encashment – LeadsLeap provides the option to basically ‘buy-back’ advertising credits that are not being used. (50 credits can usually be encashed for between 6 – 10 cents directly into your wallet)

3:) PPC Earnings – Pay Per Click. There are two options here. When using the Link Tracker feature, everyone have the ability to enable the ‘monetization’ option. This basically means that a few seconds into showing whatever earning opportunity everyone are promoting, a small LeadsLeap pop-up with a few advertisements will appear. If someone watching your ad then clicks on one of them, everyone will get paid. The other option is to add the LeadsLeap widget to your website or blog. This ensures that the same LeadsLeap ads will get shown (in a non-intrusive manner) on your website/blog where everyone prefer. When someone clicks on any of these ads, everyone earn money. This gets paid out weekly directly into your wallet every Friday.

4:) Affiliate Commissions – Earn recurring 25% (as a Free Member) or 50% (as an Upgraded Member) commissions monthly when your referrals upgrade. Yes, even Free members can earn great commissions on LeadsLeap.

What I Like About LeadsLeap

– LeadsLeap is a GREAT source of advertising for whatever website or opportunity everyone want to promote. You promote to REAL like-minded people and target audiences. If everyone divide the upgrade cost for the 10 Pro Ads alone, this is great value to have each add run on autopilot 24/7 for a month.

– Various ways to earn cash (see above)

– Advanced ‘Link-Tracker’ (Track the performance of all your links across the internet – can even be monetized)

– ‘Landing Page Builder’, ‘List Manager’ and ‘Autoresponder’ for your email lists.

– Ad ‘Rotators’ and ‘Ad Bars’ to your sites.

– Create and manage custom Opt-in Forms with LeadsLeap’s unique ‘PopupXpert’ feature.

– Submit ‘Social Reviews’ (Share your experience of programs and earn additional free advertising – with your affiliate links)

– Because this site offers SO MUCH value, Free members tend to want to upgrade later as they see the great value in it for growing their income opportunities and their email lists. This in turns leads to great and long-running recurring commissions (can anyone say passive income?).

– The upgraded membership comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This just shows how confident the owner is in the quality of what LeadsLeap offers.

Viral Income Earning Strategy

Start using LeadsLeap as a FREE member and start tracking your advertising results. Please let me know if at any stage anyone needs any assistance with using the tracking features. Also, start creating ads to promote on LeadsLeap itself. Be sure to view at least the 10 ads daily in order to qualify for the Daily Active Bonus and to start building-up your own advertising credits.

If everyone cannot afford the upgrade, save your on-site earnings and start promoting LeadsLeap to other people as well in order to earn some commissions (optional). Wait until you have enough on-site earnings and commissions and then use that to upgrade your account 🙂

Ps. I am planing on adding a section on list building later, but if anyone wants some assistance in this regard ahead of time, just let me know!

To join LeadsLeap for Free –>> CLICK HERE

Please feel free to drop a comment below if everyone have any questions, or would like to share everyone personal experience with the site. Would love to hear it!

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Website Traffic Rewards Review and Strategy

Website Traffic Rewards Overview

Website Traffic Rewards will be the first real traffic site that we will be adding to our overall strategy. The owner, Marty Petrizza, owns a few other very successful sites as well and has successfully been running her business for many years. It is thus very likely that Website Traffic Rewards will be around for years to come.

For those who might not know, traditional traffic sites usually come in the form of surfing (viewing/surfing ads on the website itself to earn credits), or mailer formats (you receive emails in your email inbox to read to earn credits). Some mailers, like Website Traffic Rewards, allow you to also read the emails on the site itself (which I personally prefer). You will still receive the physical emails as well, but you only get credited for reading them once. So, if you are reading them on-site, just go ahead and delete the ones in your physical email inbox. This just keeps your inbox nice and tidy. The credits you earn can then be used in order to promote any of your own offers/websites or opportunities you would like to share with other users, and hopefully get some sign-ups and build your own downlines.

Tip: I would recommend setting up a secondary Gmail account (or even another 2) to use when signing up for mailer and traffic sites. If everything goes through your main email inbox this will see your inbox getting clogged-up and messy fast, and you might easily miss out on emails of actual importance.

So why Website Traffic Rewards?

Let’s be clear, there are literally hundreds of traffic exchanges and mailers out there, so how does one choose which ones to use and where to spend your time and effort? I believe there are 3 important factors to consider: The owner or admin, the quality of the advertising and also actually getting some additional monetary reward for your time. Below I have highlighted why Website Traffic Rewards ticks these boxes.

1:) Trustworthy owner: In the traffic exchange arena there are some good owners who build and earn a good reputation over many years. A lot of owners come and go. Owners who know what they are doing see their sites standing the test of time and gradually growing their businesses, Marty Petrizza is one such owner. She has run a few very successful sites for many years now.

2:) Effective advertising: I have personally gotten a number of referrals through advertising on Website Traffic Rewards (as well as many other people I know also using the site). I suspect what makes the advertising more effective on here when compared to other sites, is two-fold: You can view all of the credit mails and solo ads on-site, and secondly you get nice rewards while viewing them (which encourages member activity). See the different ways to earn below.

3:) Monetary rewards: The main reason why Website Traffic Rewards stands out is because you actually get paid just to log into your account each and every day (again, this also increases member activity and ensures effective advertising). Free members get paid $0.10 daily and upgraded members earn $0.20 just for logging into their accounts. This also falls in nicely with our goals of building towards passive forms of income. Details on additional ways to earn from the site below.

Using Website Traffic Rewards Effectively

I have added a video walk-through below of the entire website and the various dashboard options.

Website Traffic Rewards Commissions

NB: Only referral commissions can be ‘cashed-out’ at Website Traffic Rewards. All other on-site earnings can only be used to purchase advertising and upgrades.

In a snapshot of my commissions above you can see the $0.10 I am receiving daily just for logging-in, and the additional VTG (Viral Traffic Games) and Prize Click Rewards one gets while viewing the ads. I have just reached over $7 in commissions (without any referrals and no out-of-pocket expenses), and can now decide to either keep building to $15 in order to cash-out (REFERRAL COMMISSIONS ONLY), or I can upgrade my account to Silver already, or wait another few days and upgrade to a monthly Gold account. These upgrades offer additional advertising power (another boost towards building your downlines elsewhere), as well as provides higher commissions should you get any referrals in Website Traffic Rewards who also make any purchases. (See more details about the upgrade options below).

There are also weekly ‘Click Qualifier’ rewards that will reward active users of the site that week with free cash and advertising, which can give your account another nice little boost.

Upgrade and Payments Options

Website Traffic Rewards Upgrade Options

As shown in the images above, Website Traffic Rewards offers 3 different memberships Free, Silver and Gold. The upgraded memberships offer you more advertising, higher commissions on any referral purchases, as well as gives you $0.20 daily just for logging-in with the Gold membership.

Website Traffic Rewards offers a number of payment options including: Bitcoin (BTC); Litecoin (LTC); Ethereum (ETH); Google Pay; ORU; Skrill; Transferwise; Uphold or Zelle.

Viral Income Earning Strategy

We will largely be using Website Traffic Rewards for the advertising and to gradually start building our downlines in any of the sites you have joined thus far — thus gradually speeding up your earnings on those sites.

My strategy — Start with the free account and log into your account daily. Be sure to join Viral Traffic Games (VTG) (link below) and claim all of the surfing cash rewards. Build your account balance until you reach $7 or $9 and upgrade to either a Silver or Gold monthly membership. Remember, once upgraded (Gold membership) you will receive $0.20 per day to log-in, which equals to $6 monthly already. The other $3 you should be able to get from the VTG and other surfing rewards.

This basically means that starting for free, you will now have a monthly upgraded account that will be giving you bucket loads of great advertising to use.

Join Website Traffic Rewards for FREE –>> HERE

Then also join Viral Traffic Games for FREE here in order to win cash and advertising while viewing ads –>> HERE

Ps. Be sure to use Promo Code – “myreward” – when signing-up to get some free advertising credits added to yoru account immediately

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to share you personal experience with Website Traffic Rewards. Would love to hear it.

Right, now on to the next online earning site in our strategy!

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Crypto Pros Review and Strategy

What is Crypto Pros?

Crypto Pros is basically a crypto-based advertising platform that works in the form of a forced matrix (this is important as no-one gets left behind) structure, but with a twist that makes it sustainable for years to come. The website support is great and the owner, Frank Hester, has been around and running several very successful websites for years. Some Crypto Pros features are highlighted in the image below.

Crypto Pros Features

Crypto Pros Dashboard

Crypto Pros Dashboard

The Crypto Pros dashboard is very nice and easy to navigate once you get to know it. You will immediately see your available balance, number of referrals, amounts earned from both the compensation plan and daily activity bonus (see below), as well as how far each of the matrix options you have opened up are currently filled. (As soon as a matrix is filled, you will automatically repurchase a position to open up a new one again).

On the left hand-side, you will have guidance on getting started if you have any questions about the site or want to join their FB group. This is also where you will be able to make deposits into your Crypto Pros wallet balance (This is where our Viral Income Earning Strategy is going to make this a HUGE success for us), as well as do your withdraws later on. You can also track your daily share (daily activity) and matrix (compensation plan) commissions earned. This is also where you will find all of your promotional tools (to build your downlines), as well as use the text and banner advertising you will receive with the purchase of each position to promote any of your online earning opportunities.

I have added a complete video walk through of Crypto Pros below.

Crypto Pros Compensation Plan

The entire Crypto Pros compensation plan is explained in the video above, but below I have also included the direct explanation from the Crypto Pros website itself.

“Crypto Pros compensation plan is unique and very lucrative. When you purchase Level 1 for only $5 USD, you will enter a 2×3 personally forced matrix and also receive Level 1 an Activity Bonus Share worth 300% or $15 USD. All 10 levels work exactly the same as Level 1 paying 300% over and over again.

The first way to earn is through the matrix. 50% of the revenue received is paid out in the matrix, and we even pay commissions on all three levels. You earn from your efforts, spillover and spillunder. If a position fills you earn instant matrix pay.

The second way to earn is passively from the Daily Activity Sharing Bonus. Funds are placed in the activity sharing pool from each purchase at Crypto Pros. Each day we distribute 1% of the total pool back to every member via equal shares. To earn the member must have an active matrix and log into their account each day watching one 15 second login ad. The more levels you are active in the more you will earn each day.

The earnings are capped at 300% on each level. If you have the available funds in your account the level will automatically renew when it reaches 300% earnings allowing you to earn over and over again at each level.”

Please see the special offer I have for everyone in my Crypto Pros downline below 🙂

Crypto Pros Payment Options

You are able to fund your Crypto Pros wallet with either Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or Tron (TRX), but all withdrawals from the site are paid out in Tron (TRX). The reason for this being that the transfer fees when using Tron are minimal, which ensures that you will basically be paid out your full amount (which is great).

The minimum withdrawal amount if $10.

Simply add your Tron wallet address to your profile when signing-up. If you still need one you will have one within your Coinpayments account, or you can search for and use the one that I use called TronLink Pro (app and Chrome extension available), or event something like the Klever wallet.

Viral Income Earning Strategy

Crypto Pros is going to be first passive earning program that we want to completely MAX out ASAP. This might sound a little daunting at first, but this can be done with $0 out-of-pocket costs to you (see my PIF offer above). Simply stick to the strategy above, and together with your on-site earnings and all the earnings we will be depositing into our Crypto Pros account from the other faucet and PTC sites, will see you opening up level 10 much faster than you think!

Always just ensure to leave enough funds in your wallet balance to automatically repurchase into every matrix once you near the 300% profit mark in each level. Once you have this covered, you will start seeing very good residential income that can be withdrawn on a regular basis.

Congrats, you just opened and took full advantage of your first passive income site smartly! Once we start withdrawing pure profit, this can used for whatever you would like, but I would suggest in using some of this to also help fund our next passive site in order to open up EVEN MORE passive earnings for us. (Are you starting to see the snowball effect here! 🙂

Trusted Online Earning Site

To Join Crypto Pros for free here and take advantage of my PIF offer –>>> Join Crypto Pros

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to share you personal experience with Crypto Pros. Would love to hear it.

Right, now on to the next online earning site in our strategy!

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Ojooo Review and Strategy

Wad Ojooo Details and Overview

Website URL:

Ojooo is a German-based advertising company that has been around and paying its users for many years. This is personally probably my favorite of the trusted PTC (Pay-To-Click) sites. Ojooo also offers a mobile app, from which one can do your daily ad clicks within minutes, this is very useful when one is on the go.

With the growth of cryptocurrency, Ojooo switched from a cash-based platform to one that pays out in BTC a while ago now. This, together with it being a very stable and paying platform, will see it fit nicely into our Viral Income Earning Strategy.

Ojooo Dashboard and Navigation

Ojooo Dashboard

The Ojooo dashboard is rather easy to navigate. All of your important stats and balances are show in the middle. You can also ‘Rent’ referrals from here if you would like to go along with that strategy (see below). You also have the option of installing the Alexa toolbar in your browser. If Ojooo picks-up that you have it installed, you will gain access to an additional couple of ads to watch in the PTC section.

On the left-hand side, you will the details of some regular on-site competitions they have running. You can also change or update any of your profile settings (including your BTC payment wallet), cash-out your funds when your reach the minimum required, as well as set-up any advertising you might want to do on Ojooo.

Ojooo Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar is where you will find the different ways to earn from the website. The PTC section is where you will be sure to click all the available ads daily to earn credits (credits are = cash). Under the ‘Offers’ tab you will also see some offerwall options to earn extra credits, a traffic exchange option (to gain pure advertising for your links), and the Ojooogrid option (free members can play 10 times a day – the chance to win extra cash into your account)

I have done a quick video walk through of the entire Ojooo platform below.

Ojooo Earning Strategy

Ojooo offers two earning strategies to its users. The one is to purely use it to build-up your earning balance by watching PTC Ads, playing Ojooo Grid, doing some offerwalls and earning from direct referrals. In terms of the Viral Income Earning Strategy, I would suggest just sticking to this strategy at first and using your BTC withdrawals to fund your other passive earning accounts (although this is not the fastest way of earning, we are assured that the site is legit and paying).

The second strategy is one of renting referrals and upgrading your account to earn a lot more in the long-run. There are various strategies on how to do this, so I would suggest viewing their forum and doing some Google searches in order to find one that suits you best. The strategy that I would suggest is something like the below:

Step 1) Start for free by joining and start doing all of your daily add clicks.

Step 2) When your balance reaches $0.20 rent your first 1st referral, or wait until $0.60 and rent your first 3. Referrals are rented for 30 days at a time and new ones can be rented every 7 days.

Step 3) Repeat this process until you reach 100 rented referrals (maximum allowed for standard member). Save up your account balance until you reach $20 and upgrade to monthly ‘Economy’ membership. This upgrade will immediately increase the value of your own, and referral clicks, as well as increase your rented referral limit to 2500.

Step 4) Start renting again weekly and build towards that 2500 number. Once you reach that goal, upgrade to the top-level Ojooo Privilege membership, which again boost your earnings and referral limit to 5,000.

Step 5) As you progress through the steps you will see your earnings start building faster and faster. Although it is tempting to cash-out as soon as you can (and your are more than welcome too), some patience in building your Ojooo account will reap good rewards in the end.

Referral Renting Tip: Many people have their own opinions on this and this differs from PTC site to site. Do your own research regarding the effectiveness of the ‘autopay’ feature on Ojooo. When you have active referrals with less than 4-5 days left before they expire, extend them by another 30 days. Thus, leave enough funds in your rental balance in order to do this.

NB: When renting referrals, you MUST do your own ad clicks every single day in order to earn from your referrals tomorrow. Missing just a couple of days each month might see you actually losing money.

Note: Of course if you enjoy promoting and can get direct referrals under you this will boost your income and your account will move quicker, but I know this is not for everyone and thus renting them is a great benefit.

Ojooo Withdraw and Payments Options

At the time of writing, the first minimum cashout at Ojooo is only $2, and this can be achieved rather quickly. Thereafter, it becomes $4, and then it remains at $6 per payment minimum afterwards. You balance will grow in credits (or $USD value), and be converted into bitcoin at the time of cashing-out.

Payments are always sent out and completed within 7 days of requesting.

Payment and funding options include:

– Bitcoin (BTC)

– Ethereum (ETH) (Not suggested due to high transfer fees)

(If for some reason you still need to set-up a BTC wallet click HERE)

Viral Income Earning Strategy

In terms of our overall strategy, I would suggest logging-in, or downloading the mobile app, and be sure to just watch all the PTC ads daily in order to grow your account balance. Adding some Ojooogrid winnings and maybe doing a few offerwall offers also helps. In terms of growing your Ojooo account, getting some direct referrals first is the best way to go.

Then just stick to the first strategy and simply cash-out your BTC each time your reach the minimum payment threshold, either directly into your Freebitcoin wallet (to earn interest), or into your Coinpayments wallet (to assist in funding our passive earning sites).

Trusted Online Earning Site

To Join Ojooo for free and start earning click here –>>> Join Ojooo

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to share you personal experience with Ojooo. Would love to hear it.

Right, now on to the next online earning site in our strategy!

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CoinPayU Review and Strategy

CoinPayU Review

CoinPayU is a crypto-based PTC (pay-to-click) advertising site that also offers a faucet, and various other ways to earn. It has been online for quite a while now, has a big user base of over 110,000 people, and never misses a payment. If used consistently, along with relatively low minimum withdraw levels, this site fits in very nicely withing our Viral Income Earning Strategy.

CoinPayU is also a very effective advertising option due to its active user base, relatively low advertising fees, and you know the people viewing your ads are interested in crypto and making money online.

CoinPayU Dashboard

CoinPayU Dashboard

The CoinPayU dashboard is very nice and clean and very easy to navigate. All the features are pretty self-explanatory, but I will briefly run through all of them in the video below. You will see your main balance, purchase balance, referral stats and membership status on the home page. CoinPayU does offer 3 monthly upgrade options if that is something you might want to look into. I would, however, only suggest this if you are planning on having decent size downlines and being very active on the site itself. On the left-hand panel, you will see all the various earning methods, your different advertising options, referral statistics and promotion tools, as well as where to update your profile and wallet settings.

I have included a complete video walk through below to explain all the CoinPayU features.

Join CoinPayU here for free and start earning –>>> Join CoinPayU

CoinpayU Ways To Earn

CoinPayU offers quite a nice variety of different earning options listed below.

* Pay-to-click advertisements

* Window Ads

* Video Ads

* Hourly Faucet

* Referral Commissions

* Offerwalls

* Surveys

* Catch a Cat Game

Earning tips: I do suggest doing all the PTC, Window and Video ads daily – new ads get added all the time, so its worth checking back in 2 or 3 times a day. Remember to also claim from the faucet each time you do log in. Also, keep an eye on their notifications settings at the top-right (the bell), or follow them on Twitter, as they often run the ‘Catch a Cat’ game, where the first X number of users can go to the game, enter a promo code, and get a nice sum of free coins into their accounts. Getting some referrals will give you a nice flow of passive satoshi income.

CoinPayU Withdraw Options

One of the things I enjoy most about CoinPayU is the different payment options it provides and it also gives the choice between crypto of cash. The minimum withdrawal on each sometimes fluctuates with the changes in crypto prices at the time.

Payment options as shown below include BTC (Direct), BTC (Faucetpay wallet), Payeer, Dogecoin, Litecoin; Ethereum; Bitcoin Cash and Dash. The minimum withdrawal amount is shown below each option. If withdrawing in a currency other than BTC, your satoshis will get converted into your currency of choice at the point of withdrawal.
CoinPayU Withdraw Options
Receiving payments from CoinPayU is very easy. Once you have reached the minimum balance required, you simply go to ‘Withdraw’

on the Dashboard – select your preferred payment method – and select the withdraw option. You will be able to update your preferred wallet addresses within your ‘Profile’ and then ‘Wallet’ settings. Doing this once means a very smooth and easy withdraw process every time you are able to do so.

Viral Income Earning Strategy

When it comes to our Viral Income Earning Strategy, I would suggest withdrawing in one of two ways – withdraw your BTC directly to your Faucetpay account (min withdraw is 4,000 satoshi). When you have enough in your Faucetpay wallet, withdraw either into your Freebitcoin wallet (for interest), or to your Coinpayments wallet (to fund your Crypto Pros account).

The second option is to withdraw in Litecoin directly into your Free-Litecoin account. (Remember we want to reach a balance of 0.05 LTC here ASAP in order to start earning interest on our earned Litecoin as well).

Join CoinPayU here for free and start earning –>>> Join CoinPayU



Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to share you personal experience with CoinPayU. Would love to hear it.

Right, now on to the next online earning site in our strategy!

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HoneyGain Review and Strategy


What is HoneyGain? Safe to Use?

According to their website “Honeygain is the first-ever app that helps its users to make money online by simply sharing their internet connection.” People can now reach the full potential of their data plans by not leaving any unused data behind. It is a real effortless form of passive income. Basically, you will be using your internet connection and unused data to make money for you passively. Honeygain is thus best suited for people who have sufficient data, or uncapped data, packages.

So where does the data Honeygain uses go too? According to the Honeygain website: “The Honeygain network is used by researchers from
e-commerce, advertising, and web intelligence companies. These companies extract insights from the web to enable market research, ad-fraud prevention, brand protection, pricing intelligence, travel fare aggregation, and SEO monitoring services.”

So, is Honeygain safe to use? According to their website: “Yes! Your security is important to us. And as the queen bee knows her bees, we know our partners! Honeygain’s app connection is inaccessible by outsiders and is fully encrypted, guaranteeing that the private information is unreachable. Rest assured and make money from home without any security threats!”

Another big benefit of the program is that the Honeygain app works in every country around the world. There are no exclusions!

HoneyGain Dashboard

HoneyGain Dashboard

The Honeygain dashboard has a real nice and basic layout and feel to it (which is refreshing). You can track the amount of daily data that has been used and monetized, see all of your ‘active’ devices which are connected (and how much each has earned for you), your referral statistics, and when logging in daily this is where the daily Lucky Pot feature will also appear that you will play (see details below).

As you can see from the dashboard, this is also where you can download the Honeygain app for Windows, MacOS, or Android.

Join HoneyGain free and get a $5 sign-up BONUS here –>>> Join HoneyGain

I have included a video below to run you through the entire HoneyGain Dashboard.

HoneyGain Earnings + Payment Methods

So, you are probably wondering how much does Honeygain actually pay you for your data. Below is the current payment rate as stated on their website.

“For Default network sharing:

  • You will earn 1 credit for 10MB of traffic that goes through you. So for 10GB, you’ll earn 1USD

For Content Delivery (if available in your region):

  • You will earn 10 credits for every hour Content Delivery is Active and running (not ‘In Queue’).”

Content Delivery explained: “Content Delivery is Honeygain’s latest feature, allowing users to share their internet connection for bandwidth-intensive content such as images, videos, audio, heavy websites, IPTV, VoIP, etc.”

Payment Minimum and Payment Options

* Minimum payment amount is 20,000 credits (or $20)

* Two payment methods available – PayPal and Bitcoin (BTC).

How To Boost Your Honeygain Earnings

Lucky Pot: Log into your Honeygain dashboard once every day to open the daily ‘Lucky Pot’ feature. Basically you just click on the ‘Honey Jar’ pop-up, open it, and get some additional bonus credits added to your account each and every day (you can win up to 10,000 credits at a time). Doing this daily greatly improves the speed at which you can reach the payout level each time.

Connect more devices: According to the Honeygain website:

“Users may connect up to 2 devices per one IP/Network.

Additional devices added with a legitimate installation will show a “Network overused” error until there are less than 3 devices connected. If you should have more IP addresses available, the maximum number of gathering devices on an account is limited to 10 devices.

Build your network (Referrals): Referring other users and building your Honeygain network adds another true form of passive income for you.
For every person that you refer, 10% of their daily earnings will be added to your account (this is a bonus and takes nothing away from their earnings).

Viral Income Earning Strategy

HoneyGain will provide us with some additional truly passive income. Although it might take some time to start receiving payments more regularly as you build your downline and add more devices, each $20 payment will give a very nice boost to our earning strategy as a whole.

If you need to cover some monthly expenses you can take the $20 PayPal option and use it as needed, but if you are able too, I would suggest getting paid in BTC directly into either your Freebitcoin (to earn interest) or Coinpayments wallets (to fund Crypto Pros). As an example, getting just one payment here will allow you to immediately upgrade another level or 2 at Crypto Pros. Another option is to upgrade your accounts LeadsLeap, but more about this option later 🙂

Join HoneyGain free and get a $5 sign-up BONUS here –>>> Join HoneyGain

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to share you personal experience with HoneyGain. Would love to hear it.

Right, now on to the next online earning site in our strategy!

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Cointiply Review and Strategy

Earn Free Bitcoin

Cointiply Review and Strategy

The next site in our Viral Income Earning Strategy is another long-running, trusted and high-paying crypto earning site. Welcome to my Cointiply Review and Strategy.

In this review, I will provide an overview of what Cointiply is, how the site works, the earning potential of the site, and my general experience in using Cointiply to earn free cryptocurrency. The site has personally paid me numerous times, and it really makes a difference when you use the site properly to boost your earnings!

How To Use Cointiply

Cointiply is an online earning platform which pays its users in ‘coins’ for completing any of the various earning options that are available on the website. These coins are then paid out in crypto (either Bitcoin or Dogecoin) directly to your wallet of choice. The amount of crypto you get is determined at the point of withdraw and depends on the current cash value of that crypto at that time.

Cointiply offers many ways of earning including:

  • Free Faucet Every 60Min
  • View PTC (pay-to-click) ads
  • Watch Videos
  • Many Offerwall Options
  • Paid Surveys
  • Install Mobile Apps
  • Play the Multiplier Game
  • Get Paid To Chat With Other Users
  • Play Games
  • Affiliate Earnings
  • Redeem Promo Codes

I have compiled a video walk through of Cointiply below.

Cointiply Promo Codes and Features

Promo Codes – I would recommend following Cointiply on some of their social media pages, or simply download the Cointiply Mobile App (see below), as they often send out promo codes at random times, which when entered into the ‘promo codes’ section of the site automatically provides some free and instant coins to its users. Note: Best to claim these codes fast when you get the notification as each promo code is usually limited to a set number of total user claims before expiring.

Chat ‘Rain’ Pool – Cointiply has a cool feature where it rewards its users with free coins for being active in the ‘live chat’ section of the website several times each day. You will see it when logging into your dashboard. The idea it is to keep the Cointiply user community engaged, it encourages active daily log-ins and it allows users to help each out if they have any questions. It is just another way to earn some free coins while meeting other users.

Buy Pods – You can use your coins to buy three different types of ‘pods’ in the game (1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 coins each), which in turns provides you with different items that get placed within your ‘inventory’. You will be able to ‘equip’ some of these items permanently, while others can only be used for certain amounts of time before they lapse. When equipped, these items provide additional boosts and earnings increases to the different offers and tasks available on Cointiply.

Advertising – Cointiply also offers a great advertising option to its users. All of its users are real people (no bots), and thus you can create your own advertising campaigns to promote any other online earning opportunity. The advertising here is effective as you are promoting to a like-minded target audience also looking for other ways to earn online.

Cointiply Payments Options

Cointiply Withdraw

Cointiply pays its users either through either Bitcoin (BTC) or Dogecoin (Doge) and usually payments are completed within just a few hours, although on the website it states that “All payments are processed in 24-72 hours.” I have personally been paid many times.

Minimum balance withdraw for BTC = 50,000 coins

Minimum balance withdraw for DOGE = 30,000 coins

(10,000 coins = $1)

As the price of cryptocurrencies are in a constant state of flux – the dollar value of your coins will get converted into the crypto of your choice (BTC or Doge) at the time of cashout at the current live rates at the time of conversion. You will then receive that amount of BTC or Dogecoins directly into your wallet of choice.

Cointiply Mobile App

One of the best features of Cointiply is its great and user-friendly mobile app (see where it can be downloaded directly on the website). The Cointiply mobile app interface is very clear and easy to use, and of course offers users the ability to still continue earning coins whether at home, on the couch, traveling on the road, or on the go any place in the world!

Cointiply Earning Tips (Additional)

Some additional earnings tips I can provide include:

  • Surveys: Surveys provide a lot of coins, so browse around and find your preferred survey provider.
  • Get referrals: Getting referrals on Cointiply will ensure you are getting passive coin earnings. Simply promote Cointiply wherever you like. The Cointiply referral system sees you getting paid 25% of all the faucet claims of your referrals FOR LIFE, as well as 10% of all of their offerwall earnings. With a few active referrals, this adds up nicely! 🙂
  • Earn interest on your balance: Users have the option to change this setting within their profiles. When enabled, as soon you reach a minimum 35,000 coin balance, you will start receiving an additional 5% annual interest on your balance added to your account weekly (every Sunday). Now you have coins generating more free coins :). Some users are even depositing their own Bitcoin into their Cointiply wallets to take advantage of this feature. (But we will be sticking to in general).

Viral Income Earning Strategy

Use all the earning methods above to get to 35,000 coins ASAP — then you will start earning interest on your balance (added every Sunday). Do not withdraw until you reach 85,000 coins — this will allow you to withdraw 50,000 coins ($5 worth of BTC), while maintaining your 35,000 coins balance to immediately start earning interest again.

You can withdraw the earnings to either your CoinPayments or Coinbase wallets. Once you have built up at least $5 worth in either of the wallets, use it to fund your Crypto Pros account. This will be the first of our passive income sites that we want to MAX OUT as soon as possible.

To log into your existing Cointiply account, or to register your new and FREE account simply —>>> CLICK HERE

Earn Free Bitcoin

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to share you personal earning experience with Cointiply. Would love to hear it!

Congrats, you have just added another income earning stream! Now, On to the next site!

As always, stay safe and happy earning! 🙂

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Complete TimeBucks Review + Strategy


TimeBucks Description

TimeBucks is an advertising and rewards site where you earn real cash or crypto for performing various daily tasks and activities. TimeBucks is owned by the Australian Clearing Pty Ltd, based in Australia. The site has been online for many, many years and has never missed a single payment to its users.

Join TimeBucks and Get a $1 Sign-up Bonus –>> HERE

The TimeBucks Strategy

TimeBucks payments can used in one of three ways in our Viral Income Earning Strategy.

1:) It can form a solid part in funding our other passive earning websites (suggested).

2:) Weekly payments can be used for any personal use.

3:) You also have the option of having your payment balance transferred to your on-site advertising balance. You then also get a 10% boost to the value. TimeBucks is a VERY effective advertising platform.

Below I have added a brief overview video showing and explaining the TimeBucks platform in a little more detail – I will also be adding an additional TimesBucks earning methods and ‘how to’ series of videos to my YouTube channel soon.

Many Ways To Earn

Probably the best aspect of TimeBucks is the many and varied ways in which you can earn from the site as a user. Some of these earning methods include:

– Surveys

– PTC (pay-to-click)

– Watching/Uploading YouTube videos

– Daily poll

– Slideshows

– Engaged Hits

– Sharing links/news articles

– Push clicks

– Captchas

– Posting on TikTok

– Download and play mobile apps.

– and MANY more

Sweepstakes – Every Friday TimeBucks also has a random draw, which sees $500 in cash prizes going to 30 members randomly, every single week. Top prize get you $250 instantly. You get 100 sweepstakes entries daily just by logging in, and then more for being active and for every task that you complete. You can also download their unique ‘TimeBucks Software’ which runs on your PC in the background (non-intrusive), which also gives you an additional 100 sweepstakes entries for every 10 min that it runs in the background. This boosts your chances and builds-up to a lot of free ‘lottery tickets’ if you will every week.

Another great earning method is through affiliate commissions – you earn 15% of all your referral earning. FOR LIFE. Once you start earning with TimeBucks, you can show this to your friends, family or advertise the site anywhere online to attract other users. You can do this with confidence as TimeBucks is 100% safe, never misses a payment, and offers many ways to earn. Building your TimeBucks downline can be VERY rewarding, and you will see those weekly payments start rolling in one after the other. In fact, this in itself is also nice form of passive income as there is no requirement to be active yourself in order to earn from your referrals (although activity is always recommended).

Earning Tips & Tricks

Get into a daily routine of doing some tasks will boost your earning, and it will only take a few minutes of your time. My suggestion to start off with is: Do the daily poll, all the PTC ads, watch available videos, do a few slideshows + activate the push clicks option. Also, try to attempt at least 1 or 2 surveys (Theorem Reach, Tap Research and Peanut Labs are usually the best – and pays you a portion even if you are screened out).

Tip: Activating the Engaged Hits option is awesome. Just follow all the instructions on how to get this set-up on your desktop or laptop. You will basically be paid for watching YouTube videos on auto-pilot (even while you sleep). This is basically FREE money! You can also choose to build-up advertising credits instead and promote your own videos if you have a channel.

Tip: Download the TimeBucks mobile app. They created this specifically to be able to access Tap Research surveys. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the best and highest paying providers. Plus, you can do surveys on the go!

Tip: On your TimeBucks dashboard you can view which tasks other people from your country have recently completed – thus finding the best survey and offer wall provider options that will suit and pay you the highest where you are! 🙂

TimeBucks Premium

TimeBucks recently added a ‘Premium’ membership option. The cost is $4.95 and lasts for 7 days. This will see you earn an extra 25% on all tasks you directly complete yourself (for every $1 in tasks done you get $1.25). If you are planning on being very active this can be a nice boost to earning. Note: Do not pay for this out-of-pocket is you are not earning enough from tasks that week to make this upgrade worthwhile.

Introducing the new TimeBucks Daily Goal Checklist. This is a new feature that allows you to earn cash bonuses daily, as well as receiving a FREE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP if you reach your goal for 6 days in a row. This will great increase your overall earning! (Note: The earning below are for my country, I know in other countries the rewards are even higher!)

TimeBucks Daily Goal Checklist

Payment Methods

TimeBucks payments are done weekly and the site has never missed a payment to its users. The minimum withdrawal is $10 to any of the payment methods below. You will update your preferred payment method within your profile settings, and these payments will be sent out automatically each and every week once you reach the minimum balance required of $10.

– Payeer

– AirTM (can be used to send to PayPal)

– Bitcoin

Click HERE if you still need to set up an account with any of these payment methods.

You also have the options of ‘Holding Your Payment’ if you want to build-up you balance before withdrawing, or you can change you balance over to TimeBucks advertising and receive an additional 10% bonus added to your balance. Did I mention that TimeBucks is also a great place to advertise any of you other online earning opportunities, such as online earning websites, your YouTube channel, social media pages, or affiliate products and more. The advertising quality is good as you are promoting to real and like-minded people who are also looking for ways to make money online.

Conclusion + Rating

If you are new to earning money online, or have simply not come across it before, TimeBucks is a must-add to you online earning portfolio 🙂

Trusted Online Earning Site


Join TimeBucks and Get a $1 Sign-up Bonus –>> HERE

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to share you personal experience with the site. Would love to hear it!

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