Ultimate Downline System – Detailed Earning Strategies!

Three GREAT earning strategies!

Spending your time learning about earning online is important, finding and properly using well-managed earning sites is extremely important, but so is following a good earning strategy and setting clear goals for yourself. Take it from someone who spent years jumping from one site to the next, there is a lot of value in following a plan, celebrating achieving your goals along the way, and ultimately earning more, and using your time more effectively.

Below is a summary of three of the current top online earning strategies I have recently come across, largely inspired by following others who have been very successful online. I am personally working on all 3 strategies at the same time, but if you are new to the world of online earning, I would suggest starting off and focusing on the one that appeals to you the most and start building on it. All of the sites listed within all 3 strategies can be found in the Downline Builder section of the Ultimate Downline System.

Below you will also have the option to join (and copy) seperate mailing lists for each of the earning strategies.

Earning Strategy 1The Crypto Stacker

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Step 1: Two parts: (1) Start earning some starter/seed funding from all of the low-payout FREE faucet sites and passive apps listed in the Downline Builder (Cointiply; AdBTC; CoinPayU; Crypto Browser; HoneyGain; etc). (2) Also join FreeBitcoin and start hitting the hourly faucet on there. Use all onsite earnings and start buying some FUN Tokens on the site (This process will seem slow to start off with, but just stick with it).

Step 2: Join CryptoWin. Start funneling all of your earnings gained from all sites in Part 1 of Step 1 into CryptoWin to start buying the nice and low 1,000 satoshi (180-day 126% return) ‘shares’ on there. You can also speed-up this process by using CryptoWin’s own faucet, PTC ads and offerwalls.

Step 3: Set your CryptoWin target for number of shares. Once reached you can start withdrawing. More details can be found on the website blog post above. Suggestion: An initial target of 143 shares will see you being able to purchase at least 1 new share a day (internally on-site). Build towards around 350 shares. This will give you just over 17,000 satoshi per week and happens much faster than you might think between continued internal repurchases and continued funding from all of the Step 1 sites. Once at this point, start withdrawing 15,000 satoshi per week from Cryptowin directly into your Freebitcoin account and purchase FUN tokens with it. Use all remaining satoshi weekly to continue buying more shares on CryptoWin.

Step 4: Once you reach 2,500 FUN Tokens on Freebitcoin (and thus activate your premium membership and the perks that come with it), you will start withdrawing the 15,000 satoshi weekly from CryptoWin directly into either your PTCShare or Paidverts accounts. Even if you have accounts on both, I would suggest to first just focus on funding one of them.

Step 5: Use all of the funds in either PTCShare or Paidverts to buy the $1 add packages, which give you BAP. Build the chosen account until you reach the BAP level that provides at least $1 in returns per day on average (no add issue on weekends included). Use all advertising gained during this process (which is a ton and very effective) to promote your Ultimate Downline System ref link or capture pages. This will get you referrals and build your downlines (and thus earnings) faster in all of the sites already being used. 

Step 6: Once the 1$ per day level is reached on your chosen site, use that to keep buying 1 ad pack daily in order to maintain your BAP group level. Remember, when your referrals also follow the system, you will also be earning commissions from EACH ad pack they buy during this process (seeing the possibilities here yet?). Everything that is now left over, along with all of the continued (and ever growning) funding from CryptoWin, can now be used to fund our next site.

Step 7: Join Passive Tron Profits. Use all funding now being funneled to this site and MAX out all 14 levels ASAP. Once done, you will be earning loads of Tron daily, as well as be getting loads of recurring and passive advertising to use as well, again to build your downlines even faster.

Step 8: Join Better Bits Club and MAX it out asap. By this stage you should have a very good stream of income flowing consistantly – maxing out the 100 $10 packs on here will go relatively quickly.

Step 9: Now back to Freebitcoin. Channel your funding here and get to the 12,500 FUN token mark asap. This will activate your premium membership that will see you getting an additional 10% interest on your Bitcoin wallet balance (sounds awesome, right?). You need to hold the tokens and be active at this level for quite a while for it to become active though, so best we do this now already. Also start ‘locking-in’ your FUN tokens for 30-days at a time in order to start earning 10% more of them monthly.

Step 10: Join CryptoPros and MAX out all 10 levels asap. This will pay you daily just for logging-in.

Step 11: Join LTC Ads and MAX out the “Compensation Plan: LA 3” section only asap. This will pay you Litecoin daily just for logging-in.

Step 12: Remember what we did with PTCShare or Paidverts in Step 5 to reach the $1 a day level, now we do the exact same with the other one. By this stage this will happen exponentially faster than the first time around. Guess what, you have even more great advertising and cashflow to use now.

Step 13: Finally, back to Freebitcoin. Our final target here is reaching 125,000 FUN Tokens. This might sound like a lot, but at this stage we are earning and funneling high amounts of crypto all the way from Step 1 just into this. You will continue locking-in your available tokens for 30 days at a time. Once you reach 125,000 and do this – you will start earning over 1,000 FREE Fun tokens every month. This is where the FUN (pun intended) really starts, as we will be using half of those to buy even more tokens and restake again the next month, while the other 500+ tokens will be sold back to the site for BTC. We will split this again with half remaining in your Freebitcoin BTC balance to benefit from the insane interest rate we are now getting on this from our Premium Membership, while the other half we can withdraw and do with as we please. Each month this entire process and profits will now be increasing in value on almost complete autopilot.

Step 14: Start enjoying the fruits of all your hard work and largely passive income!

A more detailed layout of the strategy can be found HERE

(A special thanks to Dan Watson over at VIRAL STACKING for being a big inspiration behind this strategy. Please go and support his great site and YouTube channel as well. There is lots to learn! Link to VIRAL STACKING can be found within the Downline Builder.)

Earning Strategy 2

Coming soon.

Earning Strategy 3

Coming soon.

NB Disclaimer: Just a clear reminder that all of these strategies is not financial advise in any way, shape or form. These are purely suggestions on how to use the various earning sites strategically. The world of online earning is ever-changing, and although I will always try and keep the site as up-to-date as possible with currently paying and trusted sites only, any online site can go bust, be hacked or stop paying at any time without any prior notice. It is unfortunately the downside of this great industry. That said, to mitigate the risk as far as possible, the sites listed are chosen carefully and between the strategies the risk is being spread out pretty well. It is much easier to replace and recover from one earning site going down out of 40 or 50, than if you were only exposed and building downlines in 5-10 sites for example.

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